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Somebody was right. Birth, marriage and death cannot be predicted. Read this tell-tail love story! Courtesy: BBC

Straight from an insane's diary

(I have four blogs. Two public and two private. One of my private blogs has got enough evidence to burn me at stake by the people who think I love them. The other one is where I write insane things like this. Daily ramblings. When I didn’t have the internet connection, I used to update it every week with seven write-ups going to the internet cafĂ©. But I can update it regularly now. Since you will never get the link of the explosive blogs ever in this life, and I am pretty sure, you don’t want that too…for a change, I decided to post one of my ramblings in this blog. It was longer and full of names, needless to say I have deleted all of them. Today I strained my left heel when my bike landed on a pothole. I had written and posted this just before the accident. I was going to a bakery. I took that as a sign that this post would offend somebody. I decided to delete it. And I deleted it before going to sleep. But after waking up I realized there is a hidden Kaushik in me who would not all…

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pentax 50 mm fixed

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film fuji 100

vivitar body

12.30 pm

my first rose in shillong.
finally got an internet connection at home. bsnl was dilly-dallying to give me the connection because there was no room for a new connection. the local cable guy was charging me rs. 5,500 for laying a fibre-optics cable. no way, i am not going to give those bastards money they don't deserve.

thanks to my house owner's son fahad khan, who was courteous enough to share his internet connection through an ethernet cable, i am writing this post. my first post from my pc. he is an engineer and knows a hell lot of stuff. i cannot even imagine what he did. what complications man! life is not simple.

three cheers for faddu.

life on a choppy sea

My relationship with Snigdha was a choppy one. We were not happy. We used to insult each other everyday, every moment. But still we didn’t want the relationship to end. Though we were not married our relationship was a sacred bond.

We were bound by some promises. Though foolish and lofty it might sound today, but we were hell-bent to respect the sanctum sanctorum of the promises.

It’s seven years now we met. How wise were we? How mature? We were two arseholes desperate to love and be loved.

And we loved each other, madly...

But then…

It’s quite strange that we agreed to come closer without knowing anything about each other. We were complete strangers.

I wonder what made her come to me? She was beautiful. I was ugly. She said she found in me a person whom she can depend with her life. I don't believe her. I was not the kind of person she was looking for.

I don’t remember what were my demands that time. What criterions a girl should pass before she becomes my girlfriend. But I vaguely reme…