OK. Enough is enough! I am tired of this shadow fighting. Of late, for the last three-four days, I have started thinking too much. An unusual trait and a sure shot way of getting doomed. I mean, who did ever thought of me using brains? Now I will head directly to the bar and empty a pitcher of beer. I am thirsty.

After someday, mother is coming over. Brother too. I will celebrate the New Year and my birthday with them. It will be a great fun. Though, room mates and friends are a little annoyed that she is coming on 31st December morning. Wild, non-stop drinking parties will be cancelled, they are afraid. They want to be all goody goody in front of her. All will pretend to be apostles of paradise, with a cross on their shoulder. But dare they express their annoyance to me! I will strip them and pour cold water at the middle of the night. Promise. That’s a Christmas resolution.

Huh! They don’t know me. I will reveal to her that I am not the only spoilt brat in the world. I am sponsoring two bottles of Antiquity. Will make them drunk. I don’t get a kick in four-five pegs. I need to drink like a fish. And I know these morons’ capacity. After a peg or two, M will start crying, remembering his past love. S will laugh incessantly because he would suddenly remember how he cheated his tutor and went for an adult movie. Know-all B will become a patient listener to H’s blabbering. And G will start dancing like a zulu.

I swear I will rally all of them in front of Maa.

And would silently plea her to forgive me for starting drinking at the mere age of fourteen.


Scout said…
good resolutions. i approve. booze is the way to go.
Shuv said…
and prove to kakima what all bengali moms believe in their hearts..'cheleta erom chilo na, bondhu doshe noshto hoye gyelo'..go man go!
Bob said…
LOL! Mothers!
ghetufool said…
thanks for the support.

i will drive home that point. i will prove i am the victim of my rotten environment (though will hide that the environment was actually rotten by this sharma)
ghetufool said…
welcome to my blog. your blogs is very beautiful. specially those paintings one.
Have fun! Your Mom is in for a shock :)
Hayden said…
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday, have shocked your mom as much as necessary, and are celebrating the year!
ghetufool said…
yes, indeed she is in for a shock!

mom will be coming on 31st. so let's see if she is shopcked or not
Anonymous said…
often mothers have to pretend shock although they half expect things.

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