Happy Birthday!

Why God make people get into a relationship?

To learn something

Learn what?


Why hurt?

Just so that you remember Him

But why do we need to remember him?

Because he created you

Ah! You seller of holy piss … my parents created me. But relationships mean forgetting your past, your parents, your old family, your brother, your sister, the friends you loved more than your life, your old memories and anybody associated with it … If I have to forget all those, why the fuck should I remember god?


Ummm …

Ummm  … you are immature

May be. Show me the light then.

May be, may be you needed a new pair of glass to see the world differently. I am not saying what you witnessed so far was wrong, just that it adds more perspective …

But why? Why? Why? Why do I need more perspective? I was happy as I was. I am not happy with my new perspective. I am dying, I am choking, take it back. My eyes are burning. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to change anything. Bring back my old self, bring back my loved ones, bring back my life, bring back my freedom, my self-respect, my confidence, my carefree days, my politically incorrect days, my joy … oh my joy …

Joy of ignorance?

Yes, joy of ignorance if you so fancy.

Let me wash you clean ... so much of grime and blood on you ... breathe breathe breathe ... cry cry cry ... you won't? let me smack your tiny arse .... Here! Now Now! You have arrived!! Welcome, welcome!!! Happy Birthday!


Vincent said…
Oh, I composed a response to this a few days ago, must have been in my head and never sent.

The freshness of your writing has not diminished, no matter what you say, which in any case I treat as fiction. But if it is actually your birthday, belated greetings, dear ghetufool.

And---addressing the narrator of your story---I have a suggestion to make. Since he is on speaking terms with God, let him ask God to weld his past and present selves together. So that he does not have to choose between sacrificing one for the sake of the other.

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