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lot of changes coming my way of late. i am not sure how i should interpret them, and if at all, they need to be interpreted. for sure, i have become very placid, all accepting, stupid may be. at the same time, this is so liberating! to be stupid, to be less caring, to be relaxing, to be at the moment and not thinking too much. i have also decided to let go off people who want to leave me. i won't hold back anyone, no one. i have been trying to hold back people who i considered dear to me, without whom, i thought, my life would be incomplete. it was a real fear, to be alone in the dark, to be navigating this perilous world all by myself.
it turned out to be a futile effort, trying to hold back a person is bit like tightening your grip around a palm-full of sands. tighter your fist is, faster those golden sands slip off. your hands are left dirty after that.  i have learnt my lessons well.
i met those people on my way, in this magical journey of life. their roles performed to …