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in search of nirvana

I had my first smoke when I was eleven. At that age you are not matured enough to know who is your friend and who is your enemy in this world. The world was a lovely cosy place where monsters, such as fathers, sometimes appear out of nowhere to strike terror. You evade the attack and the world smiles at you, especially when you are the opening batsman and the vice captain of your team. Everyone sucks up to you for a place in the team. All are friends, or so I thought.

It never occurred to me that friendship and camaraderie are not for real in this world. In fact, it looked like friends take pleasure in embarrassing their friends and watch the humiliation sitting on the fence.

I have done it too, but in the right spirit of it. I never complained about my fellow friend’s wrongdoing to his parents. All I had to do is to mention in the passing how pleasing it would look if a certain character gets beaten up for killing that duck with his slingshot and how there could be a replacement of…