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the roommate's story

(Continued after his story)

Amol kept staring at the photo of the girl. She is hot! He said to himself. A perfect match, his cousin-sister would say. He knows he is handsome and he deserves a hot chick too.

Or is she hot? She has definitely that forehead of Snigdha. But does she manage to get those thin, fine lines on them while laughing, brows lifted? Does she sway like Snigdha when she has got those lines? Ah! this girl has got that mild uppish curve on her lower lip. Does her lips look like that of a conchshell when she presses them together -- as in Snigdha?

He minimised the window as his colleague, actually a minor boss, passed behind him. Though he doesn’t care if his office gets to know that he is getting married and is a paid member in all matrimony sites, but he is doing this for the last one year. People must be laughing at his back. They don't dare in front of him. He has this image of a weirdo in his office, though he doesn't know why.

His funda in life is very clea…