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his story

Anando is a loner. Throughout his life he craved for a woman. Sometimes the human woman, sometimes the body woman.  All his life he wanted to be touched and touch a soft, soft body … he wanted to be touched by a soft, soft mind.
But he is weary of the efforts involved. He has a secret wish that he never shared with anyone. He wants to get raped! By a woman. 

He can never, even in his dreams, think of undressing in front of the fairer sex, or anyone for that matter.  He has problems going to the loo because the pigeons have built their nests on the ventilator above and they get disturbed when he enters the washroom. His ears become red-hot when the she-pigeon stares at him with those red, round, wide-opened eyes of her.
Let the rapist woman undress him forcefully, he will act … but won’t react. That’s his secret little fantasy. But he knows he will remain a loner all his life. He knows how his death will come. He will have a massive heart-attack. All loners die of a broken heart.

When he …