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Mood Swings and Rehman-Gulzar

I don’t know why it should happen. But presently, I don’t need you at all. You must have noticed I am deliberately insulting you or throwing my nasty tantrums on you. You have seen my nice side, but you must be surprised to see my mood swings. I really don’t know why it should happen.

I just want you to leave me alone. Comfortable in my cocoon, I must hibernate and emerge as something totally unknown. I was never a very extrovert and never intend to be. I know I am a good man and I can consciously never hurt anybody, physically. But you are becoming too much intrusive in my life, without actually knowing so. You are dragging me to every party when all I want is just to slip unnoticed in the vast human ocean. When I left my home some five years ago that was upmost in my mind that I will be lost in this vastness and I and only I will be there in my world.

But increasingly, you are trying to make me social, which is dead against my will. I just don’t want to interact with you, I just don’t…