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perpetual motion

When I was a kid, I had a recurring dream.

I used to dream that I had lots of small metallic toy cars, hotwheels type. And there was a platform constructed in such a way that the cars keep on running on that. The path will have its steep ups and downs and when the car falls from the peak, it should gather such a speed that it easily climbs the second peak. And again rolls from it and turns through the tilted path and climbs the first one easily. The ends should be connected so that the motion never ends.


I would add one car after another and those would chase each other real close, but would never touch each other. I would just sit quite and watch them for hours running. Even when I am back from school, they would run like that. In my dreams, I even could feel the heat of the tyres when I take one on my palm. Everything is so vivid still now. I would see which one wears out first.

I also had a dream that I would own a small helicopter that runs on … runs on … runs on … I don’t know what. But I will have a controller in my hand and I would steer it through the skies and challenge the birds. It would fly alongside the birds noisily. It would threaten Mana’s, Khudi’s proud kites in sky and I would force them to steer clear their kites out of my helicopter’s way, in case it tears them down.

Probably, if I try, I can achieve the second one. But is there any such thing as the first one? Does any such platform exist? Can anyone do it, if it is not there? Does the law of physics permit that? Shuv, Loki, Vikas … you engineers, do you know about it?

Of course, there will be friction, but the weight of the car and the speed is enough to take care of them. Is it possible? Perpetual motion?

I am sorry, if somebody else has also thought in this line and have come up with solutions. I am grossly unaware of it. But honestly, this was my own thought, not influneced by anything. It just was there in my mind. It's still there. Though never cared to do the reasearch. Please guide me.

Lastly, why I had such an out-of-box dream that didn’t leave my ‘can die for’ wish list ever since I was a kindergarten kid? Also, when other kids dreamt of very mundane things, why did I dream so radically different? Or that every kid thinks radically different things? I really don’t know. Please tell me is it so, that when you were a kid, you had a peculiar wish?

What kind of character I was/am? Can somebody explain? Pscycho?

What was your childhood dream? Did you achieve it? Does it still haunt you? Do you feel a sense of defeat for not achieving it?

Care to share?


Shuv said…
perpetual motion is to physicists whats alchemy is to chemists..its been a dream for centuries now.

personally i have discovered it long back..just go to Kolkata, have food on the streets and drink water outside and you will experience perpetual motion - loose that is.
Ghetufool said…

i am pretty sure i was not talking about that kind of motion. it's your failure as an engineer that you cannot even achieve a child's dream. so what you will do when it comes to matured ones'?

don't try to hide your inability with your loose joke. accept it.
Shuv said…
my dear ghetu: i tried to bring myself down to your was not a loose joke. after all..what motion have you seen in life?

you were devastated when you moved out of your sonar bangla..87.5% of your posts are devoted to how you miss your roots and your motherland..when u finally had enuff u went to a place like mumbai..where the funda is pls simple..if u wanna dream, dream in a local train..and then dnt blame the local train.

apart from all that..get a grip..or fuck off..or dream on.
Ghetufool said…
dear shuv,

nice to know that you actually counted the percentage of my blog dedicated to my beloved bengal.

and this is no way that you hide your inability, your failure as an engineer.

and i heard that you build architecture.

god forbid! i guess the IBM ad has bbeen made keeping you in mind. stop thinking, start doing.
Shuv said…
right!!! just proves u missed the point about the ad, doesnt it?

duh!!! sorry! u r not in means....stop something...the point u missed was..I AM IN IBM DUMBASS!!! ITS WHATS WE ARE TRYING TO PREACH TO U MEDIA MF-S!!!
Ghetufool said…
well, now that the italian has been defeated. i must concentrate on somewhere near home.

first about the IBM ad, i think it's foolish. and for this foolishness, sorry, you had to come to a media house. and imagine what, we managed to sell you this one. what dumbasses are your boss.

second, about mumbai. why you keep on talking about local train when you have a toyota corolla at home. the point is, do you need local train?

and thirdly,
in any debate, two things are needed, logic and force of charater. since you don;t have any pure logic and you are trying, albeit veinly to force your character here with all caps and colourful languages, i think you have already lost it.


maybe somebody else can. meanwhile, happy watching your favoourite ad.
Shuv said…
its amazing!! now i can empathise with aaj tak! U guys are actually frustrated out of your wits!!

take a deep! shanti! om..
Ghetufool said…
oiiyaaah. true.
Shuv said…
there's something wrong with the blog system seems like these comments have been posted back to back man!
Ghetufool said…
of course.

elaborate in as many words what do you want to convey. nobody would mind. given, most of them know what to expect from you.
rip van winkle said…
Hey..hey guys!..remember happy friendship day..?!
..dear ghetu..i thought only i had the monopoly to fight with the 'macedonian' secret love..ha!ha!

on deeper notes..your dream does have a psychic side attached to it.. and that to me is...fear of death...

r u scared of death bro..?..perputual motion coincides with an urge to live forever...why on earth would u want to live forever..??!!
Ghetufool said…
fear of death ... may be you are right. but i don't want to live for ever.

and you are some mysterious creature from calcutta. caught on the live traffic feed.
rip van winkle said… wife is from calcutta....but i love the city too.. me it feels like the paris of India..!! have u ever been to cal?
Ghetufool said…
so what are you doing in calcutta now?
Ghetufool said…
and how far is lady dufferin hospital, sealdah station and acharya prafulla chandra road from the place you accessed my blog from?
rip van winkle said…
ghetu...why are u making a Watson of yourself..?..chill are the real Holmes.
Ghetufool said…
ha ha ha ha. got it. afternoon delight.
Ace of Spades said…
ghetu - you actually achieved perpetual motion re: the blog post just below this one with you travelling all around delhi.
so stop asking shuv and other engineers/IBM buggers to do something that indian autowallahs have already achieved.
Ghetufool said…
clever. unimpressive.
Shuv said…
typical aekta tipponi kata khanki bangali toiri hochis..aeto frustu kisher? mod kha na hole ladies bar e jaa.
Ghetufool said…
dhur, tumi konodin niyei gele na.
Shuv said…
amar onek dhaar baaki aache..jete parbo na..RIP ke jigesh kore dekh
Ghetufool said…
rip bibahito. and rip is no one person. it's a husband/wife racquet.
rip van winkle said…
I protest..! van winkle is NOT a racquet..have a heart bro..

..he is just a poor old man trying to fit in to the new age world...filled with a whole bunch of new age people..

Ghetu stop being a harry potter..!
Ghetufool said…
my sincere apologies rip.

but finally i did something that a cunning fox like shuv coudn't.

i made you come to your elements. proud of that.

but yes, sorry again. you are invaluable in this new world rip. don't cry.
Chaila Bihari said…
achcha rastay jodi Mondar Bose botol bhenge fele rakhe?

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