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perpetual motion

When I was a kid, I had a recurring dream.

I used to dream that I had lots of small metallic toy cars, hotwheels type. And there was a platform constructed in such a way that the cars keep on running on that. The path will have its steep ups and downs and when the car falls from the peak, it should gather such a speed that it easily climbs the second peak. And again rolls from it and turns through the tilted path and climbs the first one easily. The ends should be connected so that the motion never ends.


I would add one car after another and those would chase each other real close, but would never touch each other. I would just sit quite and watch them for hours running. Even when I am back from school, they would run like that. In my dreams, I even could feel the heat of the tyres when I take one on my palm. Everything is so vivid still now. I would see which one wears out first.

I also had a dream that I would own a small helicopter that runs on … runs on … runs on … I don’t k…