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clash of the titans

We were set to conquer the world. Conquering our opponent team was just the beginning. If you were there in Bengal, you could have sensed the air was heavy with the smell of sulfur. We all Mohan Bagan fans burst so many crackers that since then our poor earth has started behaving erratically. Everyday in the newspapers you might find some grey-haired environmentalist warning about the next impending ice age. You might think all this has been caused by the increasing fossil fuel burning, but no!!!! It’s all because of the prelude to that much anticipated ‘clash of the titans’ as newspapers wrote as a run up to the match of the century -- the great Mohan Bagan versus the ordinary East Bengal. And you guessed right. The air turned yellow and heavy. Good luck if England is chillier than ever even this year. That’s our contribution. But if Sudan or Somalia is facing drought, we don’t take responsibilities for that. That’s the handiwork of those louts who support East Bengal – but that’s an…

wake up!

i am so fed up! all these arrogant bastards and bitches have stopped blogging. these proud arses think they are super busy and have no time to even write a few paragraphs (even one simple graph!).

i call and warn all my blog friends to resume writing. and as a note of admission they should comment on this blog saying that they have posted a new one in their erstwhile brilliant blogs. comeon friends, isn't it true that we became so close to each other because we had a passion for hitting each others' blog and pulling each others' leg. comeon .... are you really that busy????? if you are so, admit it here. if you don't admit, post!

please, please, please for God's sake ... shuv, kaushik, sayantani, scout, ace, fool on the hills, rubaru, nautilus ... please start blogging! as for me, i lift the moratorium

of course, i am not taking vincent's name here. he is the only one who kept the promise.

rest, i need a new post within five days. even a small sentence will do. but…