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Mr Sarkar couldn’t thank the angels more!

It’s a two-and-a-half day journey. The train just started six hours back and Sarkar was cursing himself for choosing this mode of transport. He started counting the hours left. Thirty six minus six is thirty hours! He turned pessimistic.

But his crack management training had taught him to be strong and not to resign even at the face of hardest adversity. He had to find out a ray of hope anyhow. he calculated the time he would spend sleeping. At home he sleeps for eight hours a day. So for two days it would be sixteen hours. Voila! fourteen hours left. Now, if he stretches himself a bit more, he would sleep for four more hours. ten hours left.

Ten bloody HOURS!!! And does he really expect to sleep in this non-AC sleeper class compartment? With all kinds of sounds spilling from all over the place?? He hardly can put his eyelids together and forget his misery. The train sounds so much.

He again turned gloomy.

He didn’t want to come by train. He never …

got this gem of a mail from my friend jennifer in bangalore (of course my bangalore friends won't let anyone know this)

Hey Anup, Purwa went off on a holiday and so has no idea of the impact she has created. the mail from Martin Howell, the editor for RAM equities said it was the biggest scoop from Bangalore. I guess she will get her kudos once she gets back. the weekend was rather hilarious. am wondering if this is a common occurence? i went to get my haircut done and was trying out this place called Cheveux near KFC. now this is a unisex parlour. first there was this guy who was getting his hair cut and his girlfriend was hovering around the poor hair stylist and generally being quite positive. the boyfriend said he wanted his hair to have a bounce, (was he planning to appear in a dandruff shampoo ad?) and wanted to get up out of bed and without much fuss, be able to go out. after his girlfriend oohhd and aaahd, he promptly decided the hair dresser was fantastic and took his name down so he can fix the next appointment with the same hairstylist. the second guy was even more entertaining. he comes in t…


He watched the little house-sparrow as it hopelessly continued crashing against the glass.

The little life could see the whole world outside, it could see its clan but could not reach out to them. As if an invisible monster is putting its hand on the way just for fun.

Panicked, the bird was fluttering its wings against the glass, as if to break it. But it's too strong against the little creature. Monsters are always strong.

He joined this organisation about a year back. It was a double promotion with a 100 per cent hike. The offer was too lucrative for him to ignore and he was confident about his ability.

Life in his last organisation was painful. He never could adjust with his boss. His boss, who was as if straight from a pig farm, used to abuse him everyday, every moment. Belittling him in front of others were a routine affair. And that fellow had lungs. People three floors down could hear what was being dished out to the subordinates. It was embarrassing thereafter to share the lif…