Sunday, November 04, 2007

mu,mbai salsa

I am drunk. I never drank so much in my life. I am a dirty boy now. much to the spirit of Mumbai. Mumbai is a dirty fuckin bitchy good city. I always wanted this life. I am drunk.

And I will not alter whatever my hands are tyupimg in the keypboard. I want to read it later on to see how much different I am from the fake myself. when I am not drunk, I a write stupid things, I write nonsense lies.

Ah…this stpud problem of correcting your words when you hit the wromng key,. I wil not rectify it anymore. whatever hits the buttojn is golden. It will remnaun as it is. Respect how your senses guide you through. I amn drumnk and I am proud of that.

I know you pelpe are waiting for thi8s arsehole blogger to write somethinbg. But what shall I write>? What is there to writer? I am in love with this city at the first sight.l nbut looks can be deceptivce,. You fucking [people. You don’t know what;’s life. that’s why you blamne Mumbai local train. Ui hgave seen these jamopacked trains when I was in my college and school. I know what’s there tp catch a jam packed train during the rushing office hours. Fuckkin god, it;’s jyust like Calcutta. It’s exactly like Calcutta I swear. It is Calcutta. Period. And those arse ho;les who adfvertise Mumbai local trains to its gloryu or to its doom, I swear, you are the nipple-sucketrs. You don’t know ahat life is. I swear, I have seen worst kind of packed trains in Calcutta, huh, and you bklame Mumbai,. Baustards;./

Mumbai is great and that’s all.

It;’s like a second home coming. Mumbai is nothing but callcutta, the buildings,the roads,m people, traffic. Just replace the fiats with ambassadors, you have Calcutta in fromnt of you,.

Now whio is the vastard who says Mumbai is bad?
Mumbai rocks…qwelcome to Mumbai salsa oh janeman!!!

But two impressions that would have nebver happen in calocutta,

The first day when I was convinced that Mumbai is nothing but Calcutta, I sms-ed one of mt dear friends that mumbao is just vlike Calcutta and I am going to settle her.

But the next day I saw a man dropping fropm the trrain and getting halved byt a train coming from the opposite suide,. Yet, noby frowned. Nobu sympathized, as if a scum on earth has passed on. praise the lord,. It wil never happen in calcutta;.l bastard mumbaikars.

Second, people are professuional. You give a word, you fulfil it. Business is everything and you are super bvusy,m you are super efficient,. It will never happen in calcutta.

I am not returning to xcalxcutta. But I will not live in mu,mbai.

That’s all

Again, I a mdrunk.


gypsy said...


kaushik said...

Ghetu: Your drunkeness provoked me to right a post. It has somem harsh realities.

Just one advice. Dont go overboard in owning up the city. It doesnt work like that way. The way it works is that the city owns you up as its own.

You have a good start so all you need to do is to let be and I think your time will come when the city will say "I love you".

Vincent said...

Your honeymoon with Mumbai will last not much longer than your drunkenness and hangover. Like you I moved to a new place and felt moved to praise it - with the aid of some drink too which was ironic as my neighbours are mostly Muslim and I dispose of my empty bottles and cans like a thief under cover of darkness for fear that they will think I am just another lager-swilling English thug, the kind I hear about on the news but never meet in life.

Then I realised that the place is a little different but it doesn't mean I will be anything other than the same lone-wolf exile I was in my last house - which by the way was four minutes' walk away from this one.

So I do understand that even in drunkenness, one is in a process of adaptation. You are not really embracing Mumbai, but arranging your defences against it, so that you will survive another place where it is hard to live. I mean, everywhere is hard to live, isn't it?

rip van winkle said...

dear gheto..just drink some water r simply dehydrated..mumbai or calcutta has nothing to do with it...

Sayantani said...

hoye galo??!! :)
but that's part of bombay's charm. nobody bothers you, everybody minds his/her own business. you just happened to see the flip side.

Chaila Bihari said...

Cal is bad, Delhi is bad, Bombay is bad, B'lore is bad, Chennai is bad... where do we go?

rip van winkle said...

dear chaila...when someone fails to smell the fragrance of either rose,tulip or a marigold...its most likely... that the nose which does the smelling is blocked...

..the garden is ours..its we who chose the flowers..its we who planted the seeds...its we who maintained the garden..where do we go..? can we blame the absence of the fragrance...?

Ghetufool said...


when did i say delhi and chennai is bad. i haven't lived there. bombay is bad, did i say that?

but anyway, there is one place that i have heaped praises here ... shillong. i am a small town guy man.

dear rip,

the roses smell amazing in shillong.

kaushik said...

RIP: Finally I agree with you.

Chaila: If life in every city sucks is worth living anymore. Change the glasses and all city will be so good.

Vincent: You dead right. Its about sharpening ones defence mechanism. I went so out of the way to embrace Hyderabad.

Buno Ol said...

@Chaila Bihari :
May be you should try

Onobodyo. Welcome back.

Buno Ol = Previously dEbOLiN

Shuv said...

sabas ghetu!! all that's left is the ladies bar experience..that will be on me when i am there next

20 box said...

I am the vastard who says Mumbai is bad !

Nautilus said...

Ghetu holo?? This is the first time I heard (read) someone drawing parallels between Kolkata and Mumbai the way you did! Interesting observation...

kaushik said...

Ghetu: Lose what??