best i have read so far!

i just read this beautiful poem, the best i have read in blogosphere. the author is a natural poet to be sure.

i never thought this silent girl is so prolific. salute to you zannah!


Deez said…
fyi.... that's a james blunt song.
ghetufool said…
oh! thank you very much for it. i had absolutely no idea! i don't listen to english music much.

welcome to this blog.
Ace of Spades said…
ghetu! ghetu! you ask the model of my phone? i ask what outdated model are you that you dont know that this was a song? :)
Scout said…
and shame on james blunt on stealing from U2.. My favourite song One!!!

Did i disappoint you
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth...

Thank god you don't know the song Ghetu! It aint worth knowing!
ghetufool said…
ace of spades,
english is alien for me.

that's why i come to you for any clarification of english song. you are the best person on this matter.

don't tell me. even james blunt picked it up? i guess i should start taking bono seriously now.

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