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I am pissed off! Don’t play with my emotions darling; I can be a dangerous man. I was amiable, meek and sometimes allowed you to bully and cajole me. But, you should always remember you did whatever I allowed you to do…for my own entertainment. As a matter of fact, you neither had the intelligence or the cunningness to cheat me. I could see through whatever you were up to. Even a baby can. You have a fish brain.

And also, I always forgave you because I was soft on you. I had a strange kind of pity towards you. Just as a father has towards his kids! I knew you were foolish. And I was trying to defend you from this harsh world. I knew you were vulnerable. But you were sure of yourself. I couldn’t afford to leave you. It was a responsibility. A thankless one.

But that’s it. With your fish brain, if you think you can fool and cheat repeatedly and bully me to do things that I DON’T like, or DON’T want to do…then you are grossly mistaken.

I have tolerated enough of your crazy ideas. Tried to a…

The making of a God

“Why should I pay you for something that is destined to happen, quipped Relia.

“What obvious…,” I was quite surprised by his narcissism. “I will write for you and won’t charge you? Joke or what?”

“Useless, one day you will wake up and realize whatever I had said. You will realize you had the good fortune of interacting with God Himself. I don’t need to pay you. You will wake up suddenly and start writing my message to the world.”

“That is highly unlikely in the coming ten years or more, given that I see no chance of any mental imbalance on my part. But you never know old age. Oldies are bloody freaks! Take the example of my father. What if I forget everything by then? Don’t forget to leave your number if we are not working in the same office by that time. I will call and ask you to repeat your sermons,” I said sipping the tea.

“No dear, I don’t need to remind you anything. You will remember everything at that point. It will flash at your mind…like a movie scene,” Relia… calmly, coolly and…

Follow-up on Valentine

After going through the millions of applications carefully, I have decided to change my plan and stay single.

Mainly because:

I am happy to be a lonely heart
I don’t want to break hearts of all the beauties out there who would be dejected for getting rejected.

Definitely, love is in the air.


Adventures of Piklu...Carnival

It was raining heavily. Piklu was disappointed. For a full year he and his friends had waited for this day. Biswakarma Puja. The day of flying kites!

The whole sky becomes colourful on this day. Not only content with challenging the rivals, kids try to challenge the birds up there. Sometimes the results are disastrous. The hawks simply cut the thread with their sharp beaks! End of the dominance.

Piklu is seven-year old now. A master kite flier. He has a gang of people to assist him. It’s almost a carnival at the terrace. Father piles up huge amount of sweets and lozenges for all the participants. Mother would cook for all of them that day. There is enough provision of glucose and other energy boosting drink. Lest the warriors get exhausted.

And kites!

Of all kinds, colours and shapes. Piklu’s family is known in the whole locality for its kite-flying enthusiasm. Just bring your spool. Kites and foods and refreshments absolutely free! No worries till the sun sets.

No wonder all of the young …


For my ex-girlfriends and their present boyfriends:

Happy Valentine's Day

For my future girlfriends:



this is not fair. you slog hard for the day and at the end, you get criticism and brick-bats. i am not saying criticism is bad, but that of a heavy kind indeed hurts.

see, i helped this kid fly the kite, had a good time, and also made him proud to proclaim himself the king of the sky, when by our joint effort we managed to pack the other kids back to home and watch in envy our dominance over the sky.

he actually hired me for the entire kite-flying season. the contract being, his will be the finance and mine will be the expertise. i also consented that he has my full loyalty for this indian premiorship season. he soon crowned me the kite-king! the best he has ever seen in his five years of life.

we also let the kite fly as much as the threads in the spool allowed. it became tiny...really tiny...until the point that we had to guess where it was at the sky.

the kid invited all his friends and under an impromptu quota system invented by him, gave the other kids an opportunity to hold the spoo…


what a tough choice this beta blogger is (for a layman). i tried to change the layout and now all my settings have gone haywire. my office computer is not allowing me to debug the errors and errors are not letting me to change the settings as i want.

in the process, some links have vanished. some bloglinks have clubbed with others into a totally different header. it's a pain.

i promise i will fix this this saturday going into a cafe. by then, those who cannot see their blog link here, please don't be angry (i mean don't delete my link from your esteemed blog).



You should not say obvious things which might hurt somebody. For example, you should not say a visually impaired as blind. Or, you should not call a physically challenged as lame. Or, you should not term my father, who is losing his grey cells very fast, as mad.

But, you cannot always control yourself. Like that day I yelled at him over the phone, “You are a mad man. No argument about that.” But he was not hurt, because the mobile he was using does not catch signals properly. It’s a first generation Nokia phone. The walky-talky types police carry in Calcutta along with their first world war rifles.

I am a very sober kind of person by nature. I don’t remember hurting anybody except my girlfriends…whom I used to chuck after courting for two months.

But, let me explain why I had to be rude to my father.

I got a phone call yesterday which froze my bones. As soon as I accepted the call a baritone voice roared: “Hello Mr. Roy, I am retired Colonel Bagchi reporting from point 335, I mean calling…