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OK. Enough is enough! I am tired of this shadow fighting. Of late, for the last three-four days, I have started thinking too much. An unusual trait and a sure shot way of getting doomed. I mean, who did ever thought of me using brains? Now I will head directly to the bar and empty a pitcher of beer. I am thirsty.

After someday, mother is coming over. Brother too. I will celebrate the New Year and my birthday with them. It will be a great fun. Though, room mates and friends are a little annoyed that she is coming on 31st December morning. Wild, non-stop drinking parties will be cancelled, they are afraid. They want to be all goody goody in front of her. All will pretend to be apostles of paradise, with a cross on their shoulder. But dare they express their annoyance to me! I will strip them and pour cold water at the middle of the night. Promise. That’s a Christmas resolution.

Huh! They don’t know me. I will reveal to her that I am not the only spoilt brat in the world. I am sponsoring t…


it was evident that the guy won't budge. the deal was far too less profitable and sort of undignified too. the man was quoting a price of rs. 500 for the puppy. that was quite unacceptable.

it's true that whatever price he gets would be a neat profit. the dog was only fifteen days with him now. he stole the puppy about thirty kilometers from his place. he took extra care to transport it to the market.

there were several big dogs. all 'foreign'. the big ones are never easy to lure. they don't catch a good price too. and you can't just carry them without anybody noticing.

but one piece of old dirty bone was enough to lure this small ball of furs. it came almost rolling and jumped to catch the bone...straight into his hands. before anybody comprehends, he put the puppy in his shantiniketan-bag and quickly crossed the road and disappeared on to the crowd. the other dogs were still playing with the rag they discovered on the backyard.

it was a perfect operation. a perfe…

profile photo

the photo in profile is one of my favourites clicked by me when i was working in Shillong, Meghalaya. a dreamland to be sure.

mothers there carry their children in this manner. doctors argue that this way is bad for the child as he may develop neck-stiffness when he grows up. but no instance as such has been found so far.

meghalaya is a matrilineal society where mothers had to take care of their children as well as manage for the livelihood of the family, generally. men are...well, anybody's guess. an ideal society for me.

clicked with pentax 50 mm lens, app: 11, shutter speed: 125

click to enlarge.


I knew that handling a baby can be difficult. My favourite writer Shibram had written long time back about it in his shishu sikkhar porinam. His conclusion was “every child is his father’s elder brother”.

But he handled a boy of five. Who was well equipped with vocabulary and made his tutor’s life miserable by questions. Whereas, I was given the duty of handling my friend’s fourteen-month-old for half-an-hour. My longest half hour in life. After going through the experience I concluded that every child is his father’s elder brother’s tormentor.

This time when I went to Calcutta, I visited Paul’s place. We were meeting after three years. I was quite shocked to find the changes in Paul. Within this small period of three years, not only he had married and got a certificate of love, but I was astonished that his whole outlook towards the world has changed. He used to be a jolly, good for nothing happy-go-lucky person like me. We used to fall in love at the same time with the same lady and h…