Friday, October 20, 2006

best cine blog

came across this wonderful blog.

i am not a cine enthusiast. but this one by GIFTOFWINGS has made me hanker for good movies. movies, where absolute art and cinemaking has blurred. i have made a wish list. before dying, i would watch all of the movies that he reviewed and 'showed' with such masterstrokes. simply wonderful.

thanks to Rama for giving me the link. check Rama's blog too. it's a treasure trove.


Nautilus said...

pretty cool list...haven't seen most...heard of some! Good luck finding the DVDs in Blr :-)

Anonymous said...

you ve made my day! I am almost on cloud #9 :))
will try to keep the "work" as much as possible..thanks again for your comments; but honestly - "best cine blog" is too much for me!!!

Ghetufool said...

but you deserved this gift Mr. GIFT