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best cine blog

came across this wonderful blog.

i am not a cine enthusiast. but this one by GIFTOFWINGS has made me hanker for good movies. movies, where absolute art and cinemaking has blurred. i have made a wish list. before dying, i would watch all of the movies that he reviewed and 'showed' with such masterstrokes. simply wonderful.

thanks to Rama for giving me the link. check Rama's blog too. it's a treasure trove.

come home

This time on my way to Bangalore, father decided to see me off. For those who don’t know my father, I must say, it’s an honour. Honour for a lovelorn child like me. It was always a love and hate relationship between us. We are the mighty ‘Roy’s. For some weird reason we consider hiding our emotions the greatest dignity in life. I hardly can remember my father cuddling me or saying a word of tenderness. In our family it is supremely insulting to show tenderness to your child, a sure-shot way to spoil the brat. I always saw my father as my General and myself as a foot soldier. My duty was to obey orders of the supreme commander. From the childhood I was made to understand that men should not have any emotion. It was supremely humiliating for me too to expect my father to caress my hairs or praise me in public, even in private.

It was always like that.

Yet, it was not long that I realized that this reigning over emotion is a farce. Perhaps we are too afraid of our emotional outbursts. We t…