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Perfect life

Life can’t get better than this. My brother got into engineering today, my sister…slowly but steadily… carving out a name for her as a criminal lawyer.

I always knew my brother would be an excellent electrical engineer one day. He opened up our TV, tape-recorder, radio, watch, computer, even washing machine just out of curiosity. When he was small, he used to wait eagerly for a new gift. Whenever he used to get it, he would disappear in some obscure corner. Half-an-hour later he would return back the gift with thanks. Piece by piece.

As for my sister, she is a born lawyer. I know, it will take a Taliban to pacify her argumentative zeal. Criminals and lawyers, mere mortal that they are…do not stand a chance to her arguing prowess. I realized it first hand when we were very young. She used to perfectly pass on her folly on my name. I was always on the receiving end of my father’s ear-boxing experimentation. For no fault of mine.

My father, after fulfilling a Herculean enthusiasm to expand our house is now happily concentrating on his second and third wife…a 1970 Lambretta and an equally old Fiat.
We have a huge army of people to keep our old mothers running. To run the scooter, you need a battalion of children. It’s a scene. Father alights in the seat with all his macho ness imprinted on his face (he still thinks he is a shorter version of Vinod Khanna…the one and only true hero, embodiment of ultimate MAN ever to set his sacred foot in Bollywood). Platoons of children, turn by turn, then pushes the antique for about one kilometer to get that first pumped up revving sound….grrrrrrr….the vehicle then repeats the same growling sound for one more kilometer. Finally when it start off, it alarms all its future servants…those who are still in their nappies, because all of them in our locality hails their future master with a perfect cacophony…all of them wake from their lazy sleep. Since they are not very advanced in their language skills…they start off with loud cries.

Same treatment with my second mother. Only this time…we have a squadron of dedicated adults.

My father every week take my beloved mechanical mothers (I guess he does not remember his first wife’s name by now) for a medical checkup and come back all smiles emptying his pocket. True love.

His first wife, my human mother is now happily basking on the glory of being a mother of two jewels (they never considered me as someone to talk about, you know. Anyway, I was always the black sheep in my family, a blot in illustrious Roy-family). She spends most of her time in the custom-made designer worship-room.

If the last report is true, my ailing dog Bonny…who was suffering from occasional paralysis can now lift his right hind leg and thus pee on his own natural style. A marked improvement from last when I took him onto my lap.

As for me, I am having a blast these days. I am assigning stories to newcomers. Occasionally threatening them with an authoritarian aura (I am one year senior now). I don’t shout and assign stories. I walk to them and ask, “Are you free?” they had to say “Yes”. Yes, I get a kick before assigning them stories.

Weekend, I slosh myself in Karnataka Club. Hail to the man who invented whiskey. Especially ‘Signature’. Signature and Sprite goes together. Almost like perfect lover. Poetry. I immerse myself in this poetry for the next two days. Mirza Ghalib…ahem. Hick…

Life can’t get better than this. Perfect. Amen.


Scout said…
hee hee. so i should feel threatened when you come to my seat next time eh ;) erm..
Ghetufool said…
absolutely not. you are my friend.
Shuv said…
heed the incorrigible cynic and remember..'joto haashi toto...'
Matt said…
I'm happy for you man. I'm also happy that you explained what you meant by the "mothers." I thought maybe you had misspelled "motors"!
Sayantani said…
bah! ei chilo mone!!
Ghetufool said…
yes i heed to the respected fellow, so expect a kanna-ful post next time.

welcome. tahole tumi amay chine gele. what a shame!
Ghetufool said…
thanks. you know motors and mothers are same to me, given the situation. thank god, you didn't get confused. hope my other readers didn't too.
thanks for coming to my blog.
Barbara said…
Sounds like you lead an interesting life. What do you publish? I hope your dog continues to get better. I have a 12-year-old laborador retriever who moves at a snail's pace these days. In response to your question as to whether you could read my Blog, you are most welcome to read anything I write!
Amen to that! And good luck to both your brother and sister. And since you too are "having a blast", keep going!
kaushik said…
Lovely, I see a close resemblance to my own dad. We have a 1969 Jawa (Original Receipt till intact). It still runs but my father no longer enjoys the huge kick you have to render to start the beauty. I kind of wanted bring it over here. But the costs of just transferring the same is unsurmountable at this point in time..

As for your "R u free" I envy you.
Pip Squeak said…
when last i looked, your dog was called Bhombol.....
Anonymous said…
Now I know why are you always smiling these days, i earnestly pray that this happiness only grows by the day, AMEN!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
So Ghetu...this is what u do in the office...I am one of the new joinees. Now I understand why u r so "meherbaan". As long as u r harmless, I dont have any problem.
Ghetufool said…
these vehicles are gems isn't it. the more you toil hard with it, the more you fall in love.
what a pleasant surprise you are here. of course with all your cynicism. do come in often. i miss your comments.
Ghetufool said…
anon 1,
hope you are not jealous. i know you are also in the same scheme of things.
Ghetufool said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shadows said…
well...may ur dad ur bro and ur sis thrive on thr individual passions.....and well may u keep having a bash out of the kicks of "ordering"people around who are ur "juniors"
annoying word verification:qmatoku
hutumthumo said…
whiskey-r shonge sprite! eta bhalo korlen?
Nautilus said…
Interesting post...your last one scared me quite a bit :-)

My dad used to own a Lambretta...I have very fond memories of of them is about falling from it near Jadavpur Bazar :-) Dad passed away alomost quarter of a century back, but mom held on to the Lambretta...till very recently when my sister threatened to turn it into a coffee table base, mom relented and sold it for Rs 500, which I think she donated to some temple. I think it'd have looked nice as a coffee table base...hmmm.

Karnataka club is still there? I thought by now it'd have become a mall just like Hotel Victoria. If you like whiskey and Sprite, you'll love whiskey and ginger ale...actually its bourbon and ginger ale...sublime!

Enjoy :-)

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