Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A small corner of my own

FUCK! I am sick of my present state. No fun, no hiking, no bike for biking, no girlfriend to kiss, no fresh beauties to relax my eyes. Only work work work and work…then again, work.

I keep asking myself…is this life? Come on, I am ageing…I crossed my 26th. No more 25ish romanticism for me. My mind is also ageing fast. I have changed my well known slogan to girls I meet. It used to be “I love you”. It’s now “would you like to marry me?”

Hence grudgingly, I have to change the ending note also. It was first, “ok…but you will not get a guy like me”, it’s now “ok fine…don’t mind…that was a joke. Actually, I will marry only of my mother’s choice. It was a good prank wasn’t it?”

Don’t take this note lightly. It’s quite possible that I would die soon out of sheer boredom, frustration and lack of adventure. Before that I would get converted into Christianity. Only to have an epitaph of my own. Top of the epitaph, there would be a board with a message like:

The epitaph would itself read like this:

Behold lady
Here lies the man
You dreamt of

Look his Viagra smiles
Just seeing you

He came and saw and kissed
Only to get pissed
By the bullying fathers and bull brothers

Look intently
How he cries
Seeing you…

Listen…can you hear
What he’s saying

Why you didn’t come to him
When all was nice and cosy
At the year 2006

With a broken heart...
He turned his face from the crooked world
And gave a little fart.


Anonymous said...

Great man! I had thought it would take ages before I would get to read anything new on your blog. These days even meeting you has become a luxury. Nice to read the little piece. Hummn! It means you are alive and kicking. And have managed to keep your sense intact in the Nazi concentration camp.
Ha ha ha!!!

Anon2 said...

Arey Ghetu, seek le... marne se pehle... jeena seek le...

And Anonymous... Nazi concentration camp? I would say more like Abu Gharib, except no one's keeping us here. We are prisoners of our own making.

kaushik said...

He Ghetu, Dogs cant read english..

Chaila Bihari said...

Aha bacha. Kande na. Ayega. Tumhara number bhi ayega

Shuv said...

good one..