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This is what Fool instructed me to do:

Seven things I plan to do
Kiss Aishwarya Rai
Kick Mallika Sherawat
Tour-de-Europe taking my parents, let them see the world (they have done enough for me)
Buy a Maruti 800
Put an invisible cloak and… (I love girls)
Write a book which would fetch me a puilitzer, if not Nobel
Marry the girl whom I have long pined for

Seven things I can’t do
Kiss Aishwarya Rai (Salman has underworld links)
Kick Mallika Sherawat (I fear Jacky Chan)
Wake up before five in the morning
Bogging without peeing
Decipher Michael Jackson songs
Crying and complaining to mother, while she comforts me hugging, if somebody hurts me—mentally, physically—I am too grown up for that.

Seven things I say quite often
Jah kelo
Chool pore gelo

Fuck you bloody
I love you…
What a nonsense…
Gaar mariyeche

I tag Phoenix and Tridib


Zen said…
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Tiny Black Cat said…
oh but you can always cry and complain to mother - that's what mothers are for! well didn't want to make it sound so selfish... but you know what i mean, if you try it out, in all probabilities you'll be surprised to find your mom's always ready to receive that. i discovered it myself about a year back (before which i always used to think my mom wasn't 'my type').

and yeah, if you have any plans to successfully kick mallika sherawat... a sidekick is always waiting to be hired for free :P
Ghetufool said…
thanks mandy for that insightful note.
but you know what you girls can do, we men cannot.
i love maa like anything, want fervently she comforts me. but can't express it.
it is a dying art with me now. otherwise there are lot of tears there to drench her.

and yes, if i go for a secret 'mission mallika' i will surely give you a call. at least got someone as companion.
In the seven things I say, I miised out one thing that you might like: Le pagla, kheer kha
Chaila Bihari said…
Are khali kher khabe keno. The first one can hav many variants...
Dhoor baal, baaler chant and not forget chire aanti bandh.
By the way ghentoo, 5tar age othr ekta bhalo kayda ache. Rate ghumos na. That apart tui Budge Budge kon khaler dhare chingri maach dhortis bolto? Sounds interesting. Kokhono kaankra dhorechis genri-googlir top diye? Bapok lage... like ur posts. Chaliye ja
Pip Squeak said…
In your place, i would certainly replace "kiss" with "kick" even for Aishwarya Rai.
Ghetufool said…
hi fool,
kheer khawa aar e jibone holo na.
Ghetufool said…
hai bihari babu,
a warm welcome to my blog.
budge budge e chorial sunecho, sekhanei amar chingri dharar prochesta ebong byarthota.
and about kakra dhara with geri googli: mayer kache mashir golpo koro naa. kakrara amake emon bhoi pay. joler niche theke amake dekhhei na opare satar kete uthe palay.
thanks that u liked my posts. please do keep visiting.
Ghetufool said…
pip, maar taar khete chaw naki he?
Pip Squeak said…
**meldodramatic sigh***
then again, after the last few things that happened to me in the blogverse, you threat ain't much of a surprise....

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