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There was a time when we used to fear our parents like anything. I remember wetting my pant when my father scolded me once. That too when I was a student of class seven. Class seven, the most important age an adolescent boy undergoes. With algebra and trigonometry, I was diligently studying the art of a lady’s anatomy.
Was wondering why Arpita, who few days back also used to jump at me, scratch me, bloodied me when I used to pull her hair or pinch her, was avoiding me so craftfully.
Also I was realizing I am no more interested in her worldcup cards or new cycle. I don’t envy her if she gets an extra lozenge from Sarkar dadu.
I couldn’t remember her face anymore, she is changing so rapidly and worst but interesting, her chest is swelling as our maid chandana didi. I was wondering why she couldn’t jump with me at the natheder-pukur, or net talapia fry with her gamcha. Instead she used to get up from the pond quickly as soon as I used to jump. And was sure to cover her front portion with the same gamcha before she used to come out from the water.
After someday, she stopped coming altogether.
I was hurt, was bleeding why my best friend should not talk with me, why she should avoid me? What have I done?
I confronted her with the same question, she avoided with a peculiar smile.
I was very egoistic. Stopped talking with her.
My body was also changing like a wild fire. I never knew a girl other than Arpita. The tumors on her chest were driving me crazy. I had all kind of wild imagination. I was way behind the boys of my age. Didn’t know what is sex. But I was feeling in my entrails this untamable urge to explore her. What’s there that she is hiding so secretly. I wanna know. I am her best friend, I did not hide anything from her. She has no right to do the same to me.
But was I not hiding anything also?
Was I not hiding that my benign abdomen region is having its unusual hairy growth, didn’t I hide, my vital is growing at an unusual pace? Didn’t I hide I am getting the urge to burst out, I didn’t know how, but I needed to explode. I needed to relieve myself.
I also hide from her the heinous crime. After someday, when my classmate Amit educated me what is sex and how to m...., I imagined her in my acts.
Of course, though after long, I revealed her everything.
What is the need to hide things from your girlfriend whom you love more than your life and whom you are going to marry sometime next year?
Just as I know her all secrets now, she also knows mine. But that time it was KGB and CIA.
We are going to raise a family soon. And we are very eager about it.


Nice reading. The age you are talking about is indeed a tumultuous one. Hormones go ballistic, and you are always at a loss, always trying to hide something.

But marriage? family? Is it true what I read?
Ghetufool said…
its upto your judgement mr fool.
Tiny Black Cat said…
you have a fun blog out here, man! didn't check anything more than the last post when i came here for the first time. but this is so cool. ingrezi bhasha-y paati bangla blog... daroon!

from now, i become a regular.
Tridib said…
Dushtu kotha, mishti bhabay,
bole phelo blog korar chholay,
Jogar hoyechhe dekho koto dorshok,
Tomar blogta mairi, rom horshok!
Ghetufool said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ghetufool said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ghetufool said…
Hi mandi, please do visit my blog. I am glad and proud that you liked it. I also enjoy reading your posts. Thanks again.

Shono bhai tridib,
Tumi to gyanbhando pradip.
Tomar blogeo giyechi
Sharame matha nuiechi.
Emon sab manush jetha
Eto high funda lekhe,
Setha amar lekha kotha,
Kenoi ba loke pore?

Mon diye shono bhai,
Kotha kothai, dushtu seto noy.
Kamsutra pore kew aids e more,
Abar kew inspired hoye
Khajuraho gore.
Anonymous said…
are you really getting married?? but if you wonderful it is to get married to your childhood sweetheart!

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