Friday, November 04, 2005

Catching a prawn

Ever hooked a prawn by a fishing line?
For those who has some kind of experience how it is done, i salute. cause they have enjoyed a lifetime experience.
and for those who did not, believe me, it is one of the most gruelling test of patience and steadiness that is known to mankind.
firstly the water should be fast flowing (ideal is a canal) and you have to sit with a really long string. you have to let go the prawn as much as it wants, but the tragedy is you don't have the liberty to pull the string back like you pull a fish or crab.
a prawn's mouth is extremely delicate and the body is quite heavy.
the fisherman needs to pull the string one centimetre at a time. at the same time with his mastery he has to tire the insect.
the challenge is when you pull the fish up into the air. guess what you do then. you have to sit right atop the canal on a poll or a bridge. you have to draw the insect in your basket.
that's a trick.
since i did not know it, i never catched one.
please somebody tell me one, so that next time i can break the ten-year old jinx of my fishing a prawn.


A fool on the hill said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Nice little post to start with. And as far as the prawns are concerned, better luck next time...

Looking forward to more posts!

PS: Can u explain the ghetuful thing?

Tridib said...

Interesting post! Fishing is an activity I have never had the pleasure of being involved in. But I can imagine the thrill involved in reeling in a catch after hours of patient waiting! And prawn fishing seems to take the activity that bit more challenging!

Ghetufool said...

hi mr fool,
thanks for the luck. i need it.
well ghetuful is a kind of wild flower, children in villages play with.
i think you can get a reference of it in pather pachali, but i dont have much idea of it either.
only that i know ghetu is used by children to colour up the sarees of their children i.e. dolls, ideally of clay-hand made.
you see we grew up like that.

hi mr tridib,
if you didnt have the experience of fishing, than aapnar jiboner baro anai phaki.
jagubabur bajare elish mach kine anar theke, nijer hate dhara pacha khaler puti mach onek tasty.