Monday, November 07, 2005

Act of betrayal

I will not forgive you suparna, ja nachale amay.
i remember bathing with clinic plus shampoo everyday, just to impress you with my shining hair. so much so that after a year or so, my scalps started smiling at me through the mirror. i could see the shine, the other way round.
than began the regime of hair oils.
i feel guilty now remembering how i used to steal my sister's keokarpin and mehendi.
i remember i even administered cow-shit. just to make sure, when you caress my hairs after marriage 5 years later, your hands don't slip.
i remember, how i used to stand in front of your school gate missing my classes. just to catch a glimpse of you, what i got? i was bared from my exams because of the poor percentages. in this matter i wont forgive arijit. that jealous dog didnt give me proxy. but always assured me that he was regularly giving. bastard.
i will never forgive arijit, because he never did his duty and despite knowing that i am after your trail, he proposed you.
and you, bewafa, noded to that clown's tune. you got married a month ago. f***...anyway you are doing so day in and day out. actually night in and night out.
my bronchiles pain, chranials ache and adam's apple dry up when i see you now.
my love was platonic. i never looked at your chest when i used to talk to you. i looked there when you were looking otherside.
but that day i couldn't resist looking at your once everest. they have turned into hillocks.
hai hai, age chilo lichu, ekhon holo aam.
see how roughly that bastard has treated your assets.
i cannot sleep at night, when i imagine that gobblin arijit is in wonderland now.
i will not forgive you suparna, never never, never in this life.


Tridib said...

Prawn theke ekebare panu-te laf marle dekhchhi, guru!

Ghetufool said...

hi tridib,
aami sudhu bat-talar boi bechi na.
kintu ki korbo, majhe moddhey tele bhaja khete iccha hoi.