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Off I Fly

A few months from now, three months actually, I will be a married man. I don’t know if marriage changes a life, or a person, but I am open to the idea. I am open to all ideas that challenge my lazy existence. However I try, this massive lethargy set upon me refuses to go. In fact, somehow I romanticise in the notion that I am one of those kinds who become active at a time of chaos. Peace, serenity kills me of boredom. May be I am an intelligent person – this too, is in my latest list of romaticism. And so, like all intelligent people, I love to think, or think how not to think and idle my time away. I have a vague feeling this luxury will not remain there when I get married. I am told it is a bitter pill to swallow, but you must have the pill someday. Afterall, the joke goes, happiness is not everything in life. However, it is also kind of liberating. As far as I remember, my youth was spent looking for that special someone, measuring everyone I met on my way to gauge if I can spend…