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Piklu and the Old Man

The old man’s long vacant gaze outside his window was sucked in to his immediate surroundings by two faint knocks on his door. It took time for him to regain his composure.
It’s as if he was there at a milky-white temple on a green, cloud-capped hill and the bell started chiming melodiously, increasing in pitch with every new ring. Soon the sound vortexes in into a table clock honestly doing its duty of croaking harshly.
Riding on the sound, the knocks that has increased in frequency and into loud thuds, the old man's soul entered his body from the desolate and peaceful land to this environment of smell, and depth. 

“Who’s that,” the old man said feebly, he felt tired talking. “Can I come in?” a thin voice, probably that of a small child, rang outside the door. No. Why not? The old man remained silent. Thinking what to respond. “I want to come in,” the thin voice proclaimed the finality of its decision No. Why can’t I come in? Because you are not invited. You meet people o…