Asterix Vs. Tintin

He doesn't work, nope, he doesn't. He is the laziest I have ever seen in my life.

Fire him then.



... can't. I don't know why. I don't have any reason to.

But you said he doesn't work.

True. He doesn't. But he does enough to keep his job.

Why are you complaining then? Everyone is doing the same. Everyone is working just enough to remain afloat.

No. This is something different. I get unnerved seeing him. You sit in my position and you will know he doesn't work.

I am not getting you. What makes you think he doesn't. It is a newspaper, damn it. Whatever one does get reflected in the newspaper.

I know. And he does get reflected. But I don't know why, but he doesn't seem to be working. Have you ever seen a journalist, EVER in your life, to stare at the monitor with vacant eyes? Have you ever seen a journalist unperturbed to whatever happening around him? Have you ever seen a journalist in PEACE?

Ah! That's the problem. You are a typical journalist. You can't see people being happy around you. You don't have peace and you probably get unnerved meeting a person who has tasted even a morsel of peace. Probably you feel cheated, probably you feel jealous. That's your problem boss, that's your problem.


As I overheard these conversations getting discussed in a hush hush tone, understandably about me, I clutched my bike keys. I wanted to dash out somewhere far away from my office, in the pretext of meeting a source of mine, and may be ride my bike in blissful blankness for an hour or two, far away from this madding crowd and didn't give a damn about what people think about me.

But then I realised, if I really didn't want to give a damn, if I really didn't care what my bosses think about me, why should I run away? I am fine as I am. I have been trying to impress too many, for too long a time until I realised I cannot impress anyone in this world and that includes me. Since I cannot even impress myself, how can I impress someone else? And so I sank my teeth deep into the sandwich and leaned forward towards the monitor. I love Asterix.

And I think Goscinny and Uderzo were more talented than Herge. That's what I think and I don't care what you think.  


Anonymous said…
Vincent said…
Aha. This is my aha moment, my aha comment. Have nothing to say, it's just you deserve a comment. I want to know what's going on behind those vacant eyes, but suspect it may be something beyond words. And how does a journalist cope with that?

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