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Isn't it quite incredible how some people go on pulling their lives living in abject poverty, in utter humiliation on being a human born on the wrong side while some, who don't deserve anything but desire much, get most of their wishes fulfilled.  Let me clarify my point here, by poverty I need not necessary mean only the money part, but yes, it is very much in the scheme of things.
I wonder if there is a hand of God in it. Are there stars in play? And yes, these incidents make me realise that if there is no God, there must be a Devil. But then, if there is a Devil, there must be a God, isn't it? Everything exists on a duality and I am not clear about the concept of singularity, in physics (beyond my intellect) or in spirituality (I am not interested).  I don't believe in the chaos theory. But I really don't believe in "everything happens for a reason" logic either. What shall you call me? Confused?  I need to live more to find out the answer myself. Hav…

A small love story

'Good Times Are Here'

Proclaimed the hoarding at the top of the opposite apartment. It was a teaser, not revealing more than it should and expecting people to watch out the space for more.

I din't know why but it seemed that the hoarding talked about me, as if proclaiming to the world that good time for me was here and the world should rejoice. They must have put it at night, when I was sleeping, for I didn't notice this monstrous happiness yesterday when I was kicking my bike for office. I completed one leg of my monotonous day in a perfectly monotonous manner and consulted the daily astrology website in my signature monotonous way. "Beware of unscrupulous people around you, great harm coming your way in the next two days," the letters screamed from  the monitor. I had to quickly click the page close to hide those cursing letters.

It had a dramatic effect on me.

Yesterday I was alert and taut like an anchoring rope. So much so that when I ca…