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goodluck and goodbye, mate!

looking at my life has convinced me that all my life i have cared for everyone but myself and almost all the time i have cared for people who did not deserve my attention in the first place. and worse of all, i also expected that i be showered with the same attention i bestowed upon them and got hurt when it didn't happen. so much for expectations!

but there is then this fundamental question why we really shower attention. is it something deep within ourselves that tell us that the first step should be by us because we want that other person to have a step forward to us? may be so. but then what do you do when the other person does not even acknowledge you exist? two ways, you sulk, try to sweeten the deal like an old lover refusing to come in terms that it's over. or, you just say fuck off., enough is enough, i can see those flesh and bones and that dirt on your dress to convince myself that you are no special shake. may be i have cheapened myself considerably and please you…

Perpetual Motion

Christopher had a dream … he dreamt of perpetual motion. Like the content of his dream, his dream also used to recur since he was five. He dreamt it till he was twenty-one. Ten years now, he did not encounter it anymore.
He has precisely eight hours now to decide if he would want to continue his life with his wife. They got married in a jiffy five years back. If he wants to continue to have her in his life, he will have to give up his job, his city, his self-esteem and move to London where Tresa has got a new job. It was her dream to settle in Europe. He was a promising young man when they met. Among other thing, he promised her of a good life. He was a bright engineer with a good company. Like all good engineers, he implied, he would also have overseas prospects. He is not sure if that was the lure or it was love on her part. She said yes to his proposal and they got married soon.
All was well. And he got offers of jobs abroad. Twice in the States, once in Australia ... He didn’t g…