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A peek at a salesman's life

Sorry. You have to excuse me for speaking too much, but I love to talk and talking is my profession, sort of a way. I am a salesman and my success or failure is directly proportional to how much I talk. Garbage, gibberish, whatever adjective you want to put it to it will do. But I must not allow you to think. For thinking people do not need goods for which salesmen are appointed. So where do I start? Doesn’t matter as long as I start anywhere. Heck, I have started anyway, you have come this far reading 10 sentences, 100 words 418 characters and still counting. Thank you for your attention, but no thank you, cause that’s my job to make myself important and always knowing more than what you thought you would not need but now you realize you need it badly as I need you to realize it how badly you need it. So here we are. You accepting my superiority and humbly accepting your inferiority and still you don’t hate me. Are you curious to read more? I bet you do. So let’s continue. As I said I…