Saturday, September 25, 2010

random thoughts

wondering why i am not writing anymore? may be it is pressure of finishing the story that i started that is detering me from writing anything in this blog. but what do i do when my muse leaves me? i started the story when i was emotionally down. by the middle of the story, i got involved in my professional duties and all those blues left me. i wonder why do i start indulging in fiction when my own personal life is in turbulance. do my stories sound dark? if they do, i really can't help. i am controlled by my blues. when they leave me, my creativity ends. when they come to me, my life collapses.

and they are back again. personally i am going through the same emotions as what my characters are going through. arranged marriages are a curse on the society and the lives of the people who had to undergo it. we, as a family, are getting a first hand experience of what it takes to enter into such an alliance. people look something else from outside and you agree that you can proceed with them for a alliance between the families. as time progresses, the real characters of those people emerge and you get astounded to see they are not what their appearance promised. you get disillussioned.
only the Almighty knows what is going through my sister's mind when one after another the engagements are breaking down. one after another the persons who she thinks and we think are gentlemen are turning out scoundrels.
May God give her ample courage to face whatever she is facing. may He show us some light of hope. Amen!


mpreeti said...

ye ghetu but this is not the bane of arranged matches alone. and better to discover this sooner than later isn't it? patience friend patience, coz there is always someone good for every one.

ghetufool said...

thank you :)
i am trying to revive this blog, of course after getting some encouragements from you people.
may be i will write like before, absolutely light stuff may be.