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random thoughts

wondering why i am not writing anymore? may be it is pressure of finishing the story that i started that is detering me from writing anything in this blog. but what do i do when my muse leaves me? i started the story when i was emotionally down. by the middle of the story, i got involved in my professional duties and all those blues left me. i wonder why do i start indulging in fiction when my own personal life is in turbulance. do my stories sound dark? if they do, i really can't help. i am controlled by my blues. when they leave me, my creativity ends. when they come to me, my life collapses.

and they are back again. personally i am going through the same emotions as what my characters are going through. arranged marriages are a curse on the society and the lives of the people who had to undergo it. we, as a family, are getting a first hand experience of what it takes to enter into such an alliance. people look something else from outside and you agree that you can proceed with…