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her story

(Continued after the roommate's story)

There is a proposal and the father liked the boy. Silently, he had put in a paper on her table.

“here's the password … you have to key in this to see the photo of the boy. Give one more try, let's reach out,” he left her to that.

Once again she should dress up for a stranger. Once again she should feign ignorance and look at a distance when that pig should look at her breasts in the pretext of wiping the beads of sweats from his face. Once again she should discuss about 'their future together' which should end at 'adjustment' being the key word and not 'compromise,' 'respect for each other' be the golden phrase rather than 'love for the spouse.' love in an arranged marriage happens, one of her married friend, now a mother of two, told her – in a way that you end up loving the sugarless tea that you started at the advice of your doctor. There is no way escaping love in an arranged marriage. You fal…