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Mood Swings and Rehman-Gulzar

I don’t know why it should happen. But presently, I don’t need you at all. You must have noticed I am deliberately insulting you or throwing my nasty tantrums on you. You have seen my nice side, but you must be surprised to see my mood swings. I really don’t know why it should happen.

I just want you to leave me alone. Comfortable in my cocoon, I must hibernate and emerge as something totally unknown. I was never a very extrovert and never intend to be. I know I am a good man and I can consciously never hurt anybody, physically. But you are becoming too much intrusive in my life, without actually knowing so. You are dragging me to every party when all I want is just to slip unnoticed in the vast human ocean. When I left my home some five years ago that was upmost in my mind that I will be lost in this vastness and I and only I will be there in my world.

But increasingly, you are trying to make me social, which is dead against my will. I just don’t want to interact with you, I just don’t want to meet you, I just don’t want you to expect me doing something that would please you. I am back to my usual self. That of extreme selfishness and I want you to respect that.

Having said that, let be assured that I love you and I do care for you. I am just begging you for a space of my own.

Thanks for your understanding. Goodbye.

BTW, Rehman got two Oscars for his “Jai Ho” and Gulzar for his lyrics. I guess they both have truckloads of those metal statuettes already for their other songs. If not, fuck Oscars. You don’t know quality. You are still driven by the marketing hoopla. You have preferred your other singers over Rehman or other Indian composers and musicians and lyricists for eternity. And you thought Jai Ho is an extreme example of a good song. Come to India not with dirt in your eyes, looking for slums and garbage. You still require the wisdom of seven births before you realize what is real India.

Go, get a good translator and read what our “bollywood” lyricists have written for ages. You will feel ashamed for the shallowness of your “I want to fuck you” lyrics.

Case in hand: “Na jaane kyun, hota hain yeh zindagi ke sath, achanak yeh man, kisike jane ke baad, kare phir uski yaad, choti choti si baat” or “Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye, sanjh ka dulhan badan churaye, chupke se aye. Mere khayalo ke angan me koi sapno ke deep jalaye … "

(I am not trying to translate it, I am very poor at it. Request somebody to translate it in the comments section. Please. Kindly do it.)


ghetufool said…
it's not that i have not enjoyed english songs. and it's not that they don't have good lyrics. but somehow your best fades in front of our mediocre. and i don't care if you feel otherwise. this is my blog and my opinion rules here. period. anyway, i have never found myself so relaxed hearing an english song than hearing md rafi, or manna dey, or rehman's bests. there is no other musician like rehman and a big boo to the west for realising that so late.

still, i am a bit ashamed of our famous david dhawan movie lyrics " sarkailo khatiya ..." absolute murder of a language.
Shuv said…
join the taliban
ghetufool said…
lol! yes, i will. if that makes you switch to himesh reshmiya from robbie willaims!
Ace of Spades said…
Oscars are indeed a frace as is any film award show. And I've had enough of people saying that it's high time that Hollywood appreciated our work. I ask bloody how many times have our Bollywood film awards appreciated Hollywood's work?
I am willing to bet that even though we claim Slumdog as an Indian film, in our very next awards ceremony, the best director and moview will go to some Bollywood crap movie.
ghetufool said…
apocal, i will comment on your blog. what happened to you, long time, no see?

yes, of course it would go to some bollywood movie. only because slumdog is not an indian movie. whoever is saying it's an indian movie are all "chance pe dance karnewala." and who said bollywood doesn't appreciate holywood movies? half of them are remake of some english movies. only they are distorted versions.
DD said…
I will take a stab at those translations, if I may. Admittedly, I haven't translated any lyrics in a long time, but then you picked two of my all time favorite songs, so I just owe it to ... humanity, you know? So here goes ...


Na jaane kyun, hota hain yeh zindagi ke sath,
achanak yeh man,
kisike jane ke baad,
kare phir uski yaad,
choti choti si baat”

Who the fuck knows
Why this shit keeps on hap’ning to me-eeeeeee
After I kicked the bitch out the door
I lie thinking of her on the floor
Of all the little things she used to do to me-eeee



“Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye,
sanjh ka dulhan badan churaye, chupke se aye.
Mere khayalo ke angan me koi sapno ke deep jalaye


When the sun does in the distance doobs
(Somewhere far, how the hell should I know?)
The bride of the evening does hide her boobs
(Ki bhasa mairi! Bodon mane mukh aar chehara mane shoril, jabbaba!
And she comes … oh yeah, she comes !!! Mmmmmm...
(Awoj-ta kirokom thik mone porchhe naa)
All my naughty thoughts,
All my darkest thoughts
Are illuminated by someone
(mane LIGHT-er moddhhe DEEP aar ki)
ghetufool said…
shall i cry or laugh reading your translation. you are new to my blog (at least the name is), so i am sparing you for decimating my favourite songs in the name of translation -- your kind of translation.
DD said…
You don't know me, but I must say this "Most people don't know this, but I happen to be quite famous"
20 box said…
World famous in India !! :)
ghetufool said…
glad to meet you mr. dd.

indeed 20 box, indeed.
Anando Rocks said…
“Na jaane kyun, hota hain yeh zindagi ke sath, achanak yeh man, kisike jane ke baad, kare phir uski yaad, choti choti si baat” or “Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye, sanjh ka dulhan badan churaye, chupke se aye. Mere khayalo ke angan me koi sapno ke deep jalaye … "

Wah wah... dil jit liya malik. dil jit liya.
ghetufool said…
yeh gana phir se dohrake aap bhi mera dil jeet liya malik.
Chaila Bihari said…
Waiting 4 nxt 1
kaushik said…
For once Ghetu (you fool) someone else stole your thunder.

You hates Chittoda. But I can sees a new budding new age Chittodas in makings.
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Anonymous said…
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