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Argh … it hurts. I better not touch my leg. Probably it is broken. Doesn’t matter as long as I am not touching it. This state is pure bliss. Oh, I never thought pain could be so beautiful. White pain.

But I should not touch it. The pain should come in waves. It’s like music. It has its own rhythm.

Are you feeling pity for me? Are you? Bless me! Praise the Lord! You are thinking about me right now! How can you not think about me? The object of my love cannot be so inhuman. Though, of course, that indifference in you was what killed me at the first place. I came looking for that fine soft line on your stern face and could not get out.

I know you don’t agree to what the respected men of your locality did to me. I am not a thief. Neither I can think bad of anyone. They left me unconscious. Praise the Lord again, right in front of your window. I guess, that’s the room you live, don’t you? I can vouch though that that’s the room where you practice your singing skills. In my pilgrimage to your …