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thank you for the ride

I love Delhi auto-rickshaw drivers.

If you are a tourist to delhi, don’t waste your hard-earned money and get duped by the cheat tour conductors. Rely on the auto-rickshaw drivers for a nice detour.

I was in the national capital on Sunday for some official work. Although, I am no lover of a place with rude people all around, I was not averse to a sight seeing.

But then, I had no money or time to indulge in luxury.

I had to go to this famous grey market Palika Bazaar from Connaught Place, where my guest house was.

The auto driver agreed promptly, lowered the meter and started for the journey of my life.

We went through alleyways and treaded the six lane roads. We almost hit a motorcyle and escaped getting banged by a speeding bus.

I saw the Parliament at my left, and after sometime, at my right side. I saw a gang of children playing with red heart-shaped balloons in front of the famous India Gate. I saw them again -- now fighting pitched battle for the few remaining balloons, with their…