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wake up!

i am so fed up! all these arrogant bastards and bitches have stopped blogging. these proud arses think they are super busy and have no time to even write a few paragraphs (even one simple graph!).

i call and warn all my blog friends to resume writing. and as a note of admission they should comment on this blog saying that they have posted a new one in their erstwhile brilliant blogs. comeon friends, isn't it true that we became so close to each other because we had a passion for hitting each others' blog and pulling each others' leg. comeon .... are you really that busy????? if you are so, admit it here. if you don't admit, post!

please, please, please for God's sake ... shuv, kaushik, sayantani, scout, ace, fool on the hills, rubaru, nautilus ... please start blogging! as for me, i lift the moratorium

of course, i am not taking vincent's name here. he is the only one who kept the promise.

rest, i need a new post within five days. even a small sentence will do. but please start typing. i am tired of my life, i need to depend on you. please give me reason to live, to laugh, let's share each others' pain. let's celebrate together, just as we used to do earlier.

i just lifted the restriction on my blog. i had thought that some people i detest read my blog. i still believe they try to come here just to nitpick and screw my happiness later. for them my message is GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

but i am missing rip van's comments. and kaushik, the desi sahib has vowed not to hit my blog unless i open it for public. so be it.

i have one more reason. i thought i would be able to write stories here that i would share with my closest friends. i had this illusion that i am a factory of stories.

the mirage has disapperaed. i have realised ... i am not that talented. just an ordinary guy. from the core of my heart, i believe in simple living and high thinking.

yes ... i am a blogger!

my blogger friends, please revive. please make it a movement one more time.


Vincent said…
Oh yes, congratulations on removing the "members only" restriction, and for speaking up about this blogging movement. Strangely I feel the same way about much of what you said: i depend on other bloggers to help inspire me. Even more strangely, on the evening that you unblock your blog and add this post, many of the other blogs on which I depend, and who have been keeping silent, suddenly post something.

But it isn't enough. It's been more than two weeks and I haven't posted anything myself. This need for inspiration, it's an internal collaborator without whom we can do nothing.

"I had this illusion that I am a factory of stories." You are! But it's only possible with that internal collaborator - not another person, but an unconscious part of you. For myself, I'm dangerously near to exploding from the failure to publish anything for two weeks/

In fact I had the mad idea to write an entire blog post right here, in your comments column. I find it easy to write comments, hard to post on my own blog, as if it were some sacred temple where my offering can never be good enough. To some extent this is due to my reaction to your criticism some weeks ago.

But (since I cannot sleep) I might try and write something there anyhow.
Ghetufool said…
well, same is the case with me when it comes to posting something on my blog. i am more comfortable in commenting rather than posting something. may be i should wind up this blog business and become a full time commentator. that way i can criticise people without having the talent of writing the same.
Vincent said…
So please start with commenting on mine! I am waiting for your input as you know: so that I may be able to see my writing strengths and weaknesses better.
Ace of Spades said…
sala kukur - posted two or three entries in the middle of f*@#ing earnings season. what more do you want me to do? link snaps and stories here or what?

honestly tho, i have made a resolution to myself to have AT LEAST one post a month. are other game to promise the same?
Ghetufool said…
oh yes, i saw that. but you are a consistent non performer, so had put your name in the defaulter's name without checking the account status. sorry.
Shuv said…
busy!! nothing to do with being busy man! the well has dried up..need some viagra equivalent for writing to get it up again.
media concepts said…
Thanks for the wake up call. It's easy to stop blogging or slow down, with other distractions. But then we would not have this great material from you and others.
Ghetufool said…
dear mediaconcept,

i didn't expect that you would comment here after i made this blog private. thought you would not come back again.

welcome and thanks.
Scout said…
ashamed to admit it, but like shuv its all dried up. maybe in a couple of lifetimes...
Ghetufool said…
cut the crap. both of you!
ichatteralot said…
Actually I miss Nautilus as well and I really wish she would write again. I have seen you often on Nautilu's comments section - visited you rather late to find a wake up call! Thanks I needed to read that - its important to vent and express for the whole wide world to see :)
Sayantani said…
i try to put in at least one post a month, but sometimes i get too busy reading other people's blogs and feeling ashamed at how much better they are!!

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