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a good news

read this article in my co-writer cum editor's blog. it just now got selected for a spirituality issue of a magazine. congrats dear friend!
may you shine like a star! you are a star! i am proud of you!


God! What has happened to me? Six months of stay in Mumbai as a journalist and I cannot go to the bathroom anymore!

OK, before you dirty minds start thinking what clever yet nasty comment you will write, let me clarify quickly.

Almost everyday I have to go to this five star hotel or the other to attend press conferences (the names of the foods their sound like poetry). Once I did the mistake of asking a liftman where the ‘bathroom’ is. He gave me a surprised look and rectified my mistake, “you mean the washroom?”

“Yeah, indeed. I am sorry,” I had to apologise.

Now invariably when I have the urge to release some extra liquid out of my body, I go to the ‘washroom’.

My dear ‘bathroom’ is now dead in my life. Probably it will never come back again unless I go back to my home in Calcutta where ‘washroom’ is where the well is (to wash your feet and hands) and bathroom is where you actually do things …

But in Mumbai, there are only washrooms or the most illusive 'restroom' (heck! the first…

the anchor

When the rickshaw took the turn and the waving hands of the people so familiar disappeared, he felt a heart-wrenching pain.

For what he is going? Where is he heading to?

He could hear the murmur of the roots getting pulled out from the assuring piece of dirt that was its home for twenty-four years.

The familiar background, where he was born and grew up -- his friends, the dangling aerial roots of the banyan tree where he spent at least a thousand hours hanging and pretending to be a monkey with his gang, the pond where he learnt swimming -- everything was slowly moving out of the sight.

How he wished the rickshaw to have a jet engine, everything would have zoomed past and would look like a thin hazy string. But the rickshaw puller is not even at his normal speed. As if, he is also under the spell of this gloom.

The earth has a gravity and the particles in it have their own share of the force. They don't exercise their power, thank God! But whenever you pluck something out of the system…