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Someone asked for my blog link today. I coolly told him if I knew how to write I won’t be wasting my time in journalism.

The real reason was of course different. It’s an inferiority complex. My English is the worst one I have ever read or heard. I think in my mother tongue and then literally translate it.

And the friend who guessed I had a blog (cause in office I am always digging someone’s), is a master in English. He speaks and writes ‘perfect’ English. I didn’t want to show him how misfit I am to work for an English publication.

You all know by now how atrocious my grammar is, and I am not ashamed of it to you. My blog readers are my closest friends too! But why invite others for a free rebuke?

It’s not that I don’t know where the language is wrong. But I am too lazy to correct it. Even in my school days I never used to read the exam paper I have written and used to hurry away entrusting the examiner with all the crap. If I would have checked what was there in the paper, I would have …