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if aamir khan's "tare zameen par" doesn't get the oscar for 'best foreign film' this year, i will lose my faith on the oscar committee.

aamir, i always wondered who is better, you or tom hanks. after watching forrest gump, i was convinced that hanks was better.

but "tare zameen par" again confused me.

i am so proud you are an Indian!

now you know who is your biggest fan.

you are the BEST. aamir, you are God!



Apocalyptus said…
Indeed, TZP is the best movie made in India in a long long time.
But to win the Oscar, it needs to be sent to the Oscars. I don't have faith in people who have sent 'gems' like Jeans, Paheli and Eklavya to the Oscars in the past.
It would be a pleasant surprise if that same bunch of people send TZP to the Oscars this year.
Ghetufool said…
we both will fuck them if they don't.

Apocalyptus said…
Agreed. :)
kaushik said…
Ghetu: Do u really think TZP should win the Oscars? I missed out all the fun on your blog and was presently surprised to see so many posts.

As for Hanks and Aamir. I do agree they fall in the same league. But why measure who is better who is worse. So who is your other favourite actors??
Shuv said…
ghetu: obviously you have seen all the other foreign films that have been nominated?
Ghetufool said…
my favourite actor is aamir khan and tom hanks. hope you have understood by now. my favourite fake actor is though ... i won't name him. the whole india will jump on me.
Ghetufool said…

Shuv said…
thought as much..
Sayantani said…
and now everyone reading this blog will jump at me, but i don't thing TZP is great. it's good, i like the kid, but definitely nothing to get blown away by. and though, aamir remains my favorite actor, i daresay he'll do better if he isn't so narcissitic!
Ghetufool said…
narcissit!!! &(*&()&^$@$%$R*&^*(&%^%#$#@^%$

aamir bhai ke bare mein kuch bolega toh tapka dalta mein.

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