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Adventures of Piklu – Christmas gift (part II)

(continued ...)

Piklu woke up as usual -- to the sound of his didi crying. Piklu’s sister wakes up in the morning and without any reason starts crying. Generally she cools down only after a half-an-hour of crying. But if in between father comes and begs his favourite child to forgive the world for its folly, she pitches up the sound. He has to tell all sorts of false things to her to really make her stop whining.

There is one more alternative. Mother comes and gives her a tight slap. She cries for a minute or two more and stops. But between the beating and her stopping, Piklu wakes up.

Today was no exception. She had just received a slap and was in the process of falling silent. Piklu always wakes up when she is at her best, but doesn’t leave the bed until she slows down, which means the day has started.

So they both woke up and went for the tooth brush. Both had forgotten that only last night they had made some wishes.

Piklu was the first to remember, “Didi, where do you think my gun is?”

Adventures of Piklu – Christmas gift (part I)

Piklu was on the seventh heaven. After a week of pestering and bribing, John finally gave up!

Much to Piklu’s wishes, he had to voluntarily hand over the dragonfly to John as the final bribe. In search of the fiery red dragonfly, both had crawled under the bush. But John is a chubby boy. He never could fold his legs without bursting his pants. It’s lithe Piklu who always is bang on the target.

Piklu likes to consider himself the hawk of a sheikh that he once saw in his father’s magazines. Once a dove is in sight, the sheikh frees the hawk and it always manages to catch the dove, he was told. Ever since that day, he has turned into a hawk and the dragonflies – mere doves. Oh boy! What a terrible hawk he has been ever since!

But this dove was different. The hawk had to toil real hard, had to fly through dangerous cracks and caverns of terrible mythical lands – in this case, the dark alleyway behind their school – just not to lose the sight of this fiery red dove.

The dragonfly finally went …

Bombay duck

I have never faced such a situation before. The stage that I am going through, it’s hard to explain.

What do you say when a person loses his emotion? Is he dead? Probably.

Probably I am dead. It’s a zombie-like existence. I can’t explain what I am going through, but it’s strange. It’s very unnerving. Almost eerie.

I have heard that when a man is at the brink of his death, he loses all the interest in things associated with life. It’s God’s way of making him accustomed to what lies ahead. This might also happen to a man before he renounces the world.

I have this feeling that either I am going to die very soon or that I am going to renounce this world for good.

What makes you live? Definitely emotion. Definitely the lust for life or hatred of life. You need to prove yourself to someone something. That makes you go on and on and on. But I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. I would have been the happiest now if there was somebody who would have challenged me to prove something. But no, I…