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mu,mbai salsa

I am drunk. I never drank so much in my life. I am a dirty boy now. much to the spirit of Mumbai. Mumbai is a dirty fuckin bitchy good city. I always wanted this life. I am drunk.

And I will not alter whatever my hands are tyupimg in the keypboard. I want to read it later on to see how much different I am from the fake myself. when I am not drunk, I a write stupid things, I write nonsense lies.

Ah…this stpud problem of correcting your words when you hit the wromng key,. I wil not rectify it anymore. whatever hits the buttojn is golden. It will remnaun as it is. Respect how your senses guide you through. I amn drumnk and I am proud of that.

I know you pelpe are waiting for thi8s arsehole blogger to write somethinbg. But what shall I write>? What is there to writer? I am in love with this city at the first sight.l nbut looks can be deceptivce,. You fucking [people. You don’t know what;’s life. that’s why you blamne Mumbai local train. Ui hgave seen these jamopacked trains when I was in …