thank you for the music

i have deleted this post, for personal reasons.


Apocalyptus said…
Odhom-er oporaadh niyo na ... I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and like many others I too must admit that you are a naturally gifted writer but at the same time I can't help but point out that you should really fine-tune your English. Please don't take it otherwise. You are a brilliant blogger but very much juvenile mistakes like "I am listening it" don't really look good. I'm sure it wasn't a typo because you have done the same mistake once again in the same post. A 'to' should always follow any form of the verb 'listen'. There are quite a few more mistakes but I know you are intelligent enough to find them out and correct yourself so I'll not mention them here now.

However, you are just too good when you write in Bangla. Your posts in your bangla blog are awesome. Along with the English writings, I truly believe you should start writing in Bangla again. And I'm sure there would be many agreeing to me on this.
ghetufool said…
haha! thanks for pointing that out. i know 'listening' should be followed by 'to'. but the problem with my blog is that, i don't read my posts once i finish writing.

that's not the case when i am writing as a reporter.

but nevertheless, i know my english is very very bad. i have admitted this several times in my blog that "my english sucks".

but still, somehow i am managing in my work place.

i thinnk in bengali while writing in english. so, that's a big hinderance.

onek dhonyobad tomar comments-er jonyo. i will try to read twice before i post. i am sure, mistakes will be lesser. though, anybody can still find out that "my english (still) sucks".

aabar esho bhai. bhalo laglo.
Apocalyptus said…
Obossho-i ashbo...kintu bolle na to banglaye lekha abar kobe shuru korchho?
ghetufool said…

korbo. siggiri. ei soptaho theke. proti soptahe ekta. noile aamar ek bhalo bondhu khub raag korbe. oirokomi chuktita.
Scout said…
i dont care ghetu. u write amazingly.
ghetufool said…
:) thank you scout! i am sorry you coudn't read this post.

many personal things i wrote here and later i thought, it should go in my other blog. so i deleted it.
Unknown said…
I respect people who write, who can express their thoughts in words. Language is merely a tool to express your thoughts.. I
would however gently like to point to dEbOLiN that mistakes are "made" not "done" -- "I'm sure it wasn't a typo because you have done the same mistake once again in the same post."

Kettles and pots and Gypsies are all BLACK!

Ghetu, it would have been nice to read your post..esp if it was to do with music? :-) keep writing!
Unknown said…
Oh and while we are at it Debolin -- u mean "many" juvenile mistakes right? not "much" juvenile mistakes..."You are a brilliant blogger but very much juvenile mistakes like "I am listening it" don't really look good"

hmmmmm...thats that..
kettle black, pot black, gypsy black, ghetu black and you too Debolin are black... :-)
ghetufool said…
you are at your old trick. when challenged, screw others' happiness! lol

gypsy! now behave yourself. debolin's intention was noble.
ghetufool said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ghetufool said…
btw, gypsy,
my deletion has got nothing to do with any comment. it was a very personal post. debolin, as the first reader can vouch for that.

i can send it across to you, if you still want.
Unknown said…
hehehee...sorry Ghetu..sorry Debolin..didnt mean to offend anyone..was just pointing it out;-)and Ghetu pls send that post across..would love to read it..actually the title of your post inspired me to post something on music too..chk it out :-)
Shuv said…
kichui bujhlam na bhai
Apocalyptus said…
@ gypsy :
I just couldn't help but reply to your comment although I'm not very sure how relevant it's going to be since the post itself has been deleted by Ghetu-da.

Even Ghetu-da knows my intention never was to find faults. I love his writings.I just wanted to bring a few mistakes to his notice.

However, the word 'mistake' can be used as either a verb or a noun. And yes, mistakes are 'made'. But they can be 'done' too. Please check Oxford English ictionary in case you don't believe me.
Secondly, when I used the word 'very', I meant the level of juvenile-ness of the mistake and NOT the number of mistakes.

@ Ghetu-da :
I'm really very sorry to eat up your space yet again.
And, yes, your post had a lot of personal things in it and I do vouch for that.

Hope to see you in person some time ... tomar "bonku'r golpo" pore fida hoye gechhi dada... :)
ghetufool said…
dear debolin,
don't mind gypsy's comments. she is my sister. pulling legs is her favourite game.
ghetufool said…
shuv, na bojhai bhalo!
Shuv said…
what's an 'ictionary'?? the world is moving too fast for me man!

scout: think this is the anon who had pointed out 'gramatical' errors in one of your posts?
Scout said…
shuv, as ghetu told me, you are the detective!
Shuv said…
just brilliantly gifted thats all scout..
ghetufool said…
when did i say anything to you about shuv? sheesh...don't drag me into all these mud-slingings.
S said…
dude!!!!! i miss out on all the good things in life! and like gypsy, i loved the title of your post. amake please post-ta pathao na. and dare i assume "bhalo bondhu"-ta aami? :)

aami oto ingraji jani na bhai, kintu eitukun jani je oi context-e mistakes "made" hoto, "done" na.
Scout said…
bah. ghetu u r in it whether u like it or not :P
Vincent said…
I note that you generate more comments on a deleted post, or shall I say, an Abba song title, than a post with content.
ghetufool said…
thiki dhorecho.

it's amazing, isn't it? i am kinda lovin it.

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