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close shave

Friday one of my good friends got married to one of our worst enemies’ sister! The affair was there for long. They were in love, I don’t know, may be for more than twelve years! And my friend was furious that I was not coming to his party. He threatened, that it would be an end to a long relationship that dates back to our kindergarten! But still, I risked that.

Well, I must admit, this particular boy, whom I so magnanimously anointed as our ‘worst enemy’, did nothing to us. And with the alliance formed with my friend, I don’t see him harming me anytime in future. So bravo mate, I am proud of you.

But I must explain why we were so scared of him.

The rivalry goes back to when we were in class seven and got the access to our school library. Now we could lend books, any kind of them without the librarian guiding us to read what we were supposed to read. We were all ‘high school’ boys then and as such grown up and mature. In our small world, we were adults. Whereas, lesser mortals like the b…
Yeah!!! They have freed Alan Johnston.

I don't need the Free Alan window anymore.
i am very tired. exhausted.

i need a woman in my life. need some love, i seriously do.

no mom, it's not a message for you. don't get excited. no, i am not talking about marriage.

but i am in need of love. i want to love and be loved in return.

i am very tired. exhausted.

second thought:i want to return to my family in calcutta. mom and dad and sis and bro...i want to return to you all. 

mom, would you be less proud of me if i leave this glamorous multinational and settle for a shabby, red-tapped indian office in stagnant calcutta? would you think i wasted my entire career if i earn half of what i am getting here? would you love me less for that? would your concerns for me would halve too?

dad, would you again start thinking that i am useless.

but don't you see how deathly pale i am now? don't you know your son will die if he doesn't get some warmth from you? don't you know everyday i return home with a hole in my heart. tell you a's getting bigger and …