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This is when Chuni was 15 days old (yawning, just after getting a good meal from my aunt).
One month old Chuni

This is greedy Chunilal now (thinking my mother would mistakenly drop something from the pot).

Can you believe it, he is only three-and-a-half month old field-lab puppy? And please don't mind the chain. He is always free. The photographer here was not too comfortable taking snaps from her mobile while the beast was in prowl!

lost (and not found)

I was walking along the pavement when I felt somebody pulling my shirt from behind. I turned round to see a little girl, hardly in her fourth, indicating to give her some alms. She was gesturing to be hungry. My one rupee or two rupees coin would solve her hunger and possibly many other problems associated with poverty. This was the same girl I saw everyday when I used to pass in my motor cycle. I had some work in that place, I was going to fetch my bike and head for the home.

As a matter of fact, I never give alms to children. That’s my insignificant effort to deter them from begging. But I know, many people do. Actually most of us do. And thus trapping them to begging all their life.

Nevertheless, I decided to offer her some food. There was a bakery-stall nearby. She had a dusty, torn doll at hand. One leg missing. Probably one eye was also at a loss. May be a castaway from a ‘rich man’s daughter’. I guess the doll was happy, if it had a heart. Because this little girl was hugging tig…
today is the birthday of my ex. happy birthday snigdha. may God bestow you His infinite blessings.