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deletion of my last post

I know I owe you an apology for deleting the last post (and your comments with that). I won’t be astonished if you decide not to come on my blog anymore. I know it was rather insulting.

But please give an opportunity to defend myself. I was on the seventh heaven Monday before getting the call from mother.

It was a wonderful flight. The Spicejet flight left Calcutta sharp at 2:40 pm and soon I was sailing pass the clouds. Giant clouds, whiter than snow. More beautiful than the most beautiful thing on earth. Standing tall as huge snowy mountains, without giving a damn to us. Some were so huge and majestic that our pilot joked, “We were supposed to fly straight, but I fear Mount Everest is blocking our route.” He said the cloud is full of thunderbolts and we will be fried instantly if we dare enter it.

And the spicejet chicks were the best examples of Indian hotties. Man, it was my best flight till date. I will never forget it.

But every good thing should have an end. So when I came down from my heaven and entered Bangalore airport, all things went awry. For example, I didn’t get my bag for half-an-hour. But I didn’t panic, I didn’t even tried to find it out. Because I was not the only one affected. There were five six bongs too who had lost their baggage momentarily. I have full faith on the race. I know they will somehow find theirs, and thus will find mine too. I just have to stick with them. But that’s a different story, a very interesting one that I plan to write sometime.

But it was before the bag fiasco when I got a call from my mother. She is always anxious about her children. So much so that we have started taking her as granted. But not this time. Instead of asking how my journey was she thundered: Why you and your cronies are harassing that poor Sayantani?

“How do you know that? She complained to you or what? Anything is possible by that girl.”

“No…your sister told me. She in fact translated whatever you and your friends had to write about that poor girl. Weren’t you ashamed? How can you write such derogatory thing about a girl? Don’t you have a sister? What if somebody writes about her something like this?”

“I will probably kill him,” I was determined.

“Than why you have written all these things in your dirty blog?”

“Because first she is not my sister; second, I don’t have the moral courage to consider her my sister anytime before I am seventy and third, I am sure she doesn’t have any elder brother.”

“Shame on you.”

I knew she was losing the argument. So instead of logic, she was resorting to emotions. I was happy.

Soon she handed over the phone to my sister. She had just returned from the court. Instead of going for corporate law, she opted for criminal law so that she can hang, or at least, imprison for life all the men in this world.

She snatched the phone from mother. She didn’t shout. She never shouts. She is like phantom. Her voice is enough to chill your very bones.

“What have you written in your blog, you rascal.”

“That has got nothing to do with you. Mind your own business,” I hissed. Because I knew if I continue fighting for long and let her take control of the situation, I will be devastated. Offence is the best defence, they say.

“Of course it has got something to do with my job. You can be booked under penal code x, xx, xxx, xxxx, and xxx for sexual harassment, defamation, abusing freedom of speech and dishonoring a woman’s modesty.”

“You mean, if Sayantani complaints? But she is a good woman. She loves me as her own brother.”

“It’s not necessary that sayantani should complaint. Anybody can. On behalf of her. So to say on behalf of women as a whole. And you and that shuv will be spending fifteen years behind bars.”


“Just to add, Sayantani’s last comment was reason enough that she is considering to sue you.”

“oh…ok.” I hung up.

Then what. Soon after I entered the office, I logged on to blogger and deleted the post.

Sayantani doesn’t need to be my sister. I don’t want that too. She doesn’t need to be like my sister either. But if she has got even 1 percent of what my sister is made of, then…I would have to change my dress and address soon.

Indian jails are not that tech savvy. They don’t have internet connection. Just imagine, to save one post, you would have missed thousands of mine and shuv’s future posts.

Now tell me, would you still stay away from my blog?


Sayantani said…
ghetu man!
it's a damn nice feeling...all this importance. i love your mom, i love your sister even more, but you ghetu, are priceless!

tell them that your posts make me laugh and that's more than what people usually do for each other. tell them that i did not mind the last post at all and i had never had any intention of suing you!

and as to me being your sister...god forbid!
Ghetufool said… relieved me by your last point. such a relief!
Nautilus said…
I was wondering about the deletion...hmmm. The excuse for deleting it was a bit lame, seriously :-) But I won't stop reading your blog for that...not at all!!!
Yves said…
The excuse for deleting it was a master-stroke!

I am utterly convinced by your killer point, worthy of a top lawyer. There is no internet connection in an indian jail so better to miss one post than thousands.

Cowardice is its own reward, giving us that warm feeling of security. (I am not being sarcastic, I mean it.)
Shuv said…
i swear i was only joking!! sayantani u believe me dont you? i will never ever do the same thing again i swear!
kaushik said…
Good story! Bad Excuse.

Ghetu you still forfeit and will forever have no answer to yourself.

And I am sure this will haunt you.
Scout said…
wow. good to know sayantani can wreck such havoc. way to go!
Sayantani said…
for once i agree with you. good story, bad excuse! but what the fuck! he wont bring back the post...even if he does, all those delicious comments will be all let's just settle for this!

what are you talking about? my memory *ahem* is getting old!

c'mon you shold know by now...if not, i'll regale you with 22 stories someday!
gIftoFwIngs said…
geez, seems missed that *coveted* post!
Ghetufool said…
dear nautilus,
lame excuse??? nah...i just saved myself from getting lamed. you know indian police. they beat first and ask questions later. and i have a very delicate system.

but you didn't thank me for saving your arse.

since when you became rajanikant?

we are yet to know her full potential. she is dangerous. stay away from her.
Ghetufool said…
thanks for supporting me among all these non-believer heathens. so you are saying i have a career in law eh?
Yves said…
No, dear boy. No career in law. Just the imaginative power to create lawyers and thieves, and naughty boys and naive girls and scheming cynics and living men and women whose time has come to be transformed by the power of Destiny . . .
media concepts said…
I'm sorry to have missed the offending post. Writers and bloggers need to write the truth. Otherwise, their writing is meaningless. This means that some people will be offended. The most likely group is the writer's family. The second group is the group of friends of the writer. The writer needs to expect this and forget about it. In fact, these people need to realize that they may be the largest source of material for the writer. They need to get over it if they wish to have a relationship with the writer.
Yves said…
Ha ha! Media Concepts, if you had seen the offending post you would know that it had nothing to do with truth, only the lowest kind of entertainment.
Shuv said…
of course it was the truth yves!! women dont fart..i refuse to believe you.
kaushik said…
Ghetu: How did you know I have a fascination for Rajnikant?? He is actually 4th on my list. And like him I appreciate the India Jelly Bellies.

But deletion of a post is a retraction of statement. Stand up to it. And dont let anything come in your way.
gypsy said…
wow ghetu!u would actually delete a post so that u dont offend someone?! TOO MUCH i say!
Ghetufool said…
media concept,
since yves has spilled the bean and you are not into any illusion that i retracted my great truth, i must tell you the reason. the post was indeed very deragatory and had nothing to do with truth. i was rebuking somebody here which i later though is rather harsh and uncivilized. so...

you spilled the bean. you. media concept was thinking i write all truth.

enough! why are you dragging that refernce here? do you want to dig up the ghost and make me delete this post also?

i know you are hell bent on setting my arse on fire.
Ghetufool said…
i am not that bad, you see.
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