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deletion of my last post

I know I owe you an apology for deleting the last post (and your comments with that). I won’t be astonished if you decide not to come on my blog anymore. I know it was rather insulting.

But please give an opportunity to defend myself. I was on the seventh heaven Monday before getting the call from mother.

It was a wonderful flight. The Spicejet flight left Calcutta sharp at 2:40 pm and soon I was sailing pass the clouds. Giant clouds, whiter than snow. More beautiful than the most beautiful thing on earth. Standing tall as huge snowy mountains, without giving a damn to us. Some were so huge and majestic that our pilot joked, “We were supposed to fly straight, but I fear Mount Everest is blocking our route.” He said the cloud is full of thunderbolts and we will be fried instantly if we dare enter it.

And the spicejet chicks were the best examples of Indian hotties. Man, it was my best flight till date. I will never forget it.

But every good thing should have an end. So when I came down fro…
Mother is ensuring that I always carry an antacid. People are treating me in such luxuries!! Man...

I am at home now. Yay Yay Yay...

No worries, no tension. Life can be so beautiful when you don't have to think about yourself and let your parents and friends take care of you. Yay Yay Yay...
Life is so short. Why can’t we keep aside all our ambitions, apprehensions, jealousy, caste, creed, and religion…cultures? And just live for each other…just as two human beings in need of each other, two human beings dependent on each other. Like a servant and a master at the same time…why can’t we live for the sake of love itself?

I love you.

missed call

The cab driver who came to pick me up this week is a funny guy, though he doesn’t realize it.

He doesn’t know a single word in Hindi and probably no idea what English is. He is a pure Kannadiga. Namma Bangaluroo types.

He is a kind of guy, who will piss you to no end, but you cannot hold your anger for long. For he is a pure-heart. A kind of guy who smiles even without a reason and takes life very casually.

Probably he is a new joiner and as such is very cautious as how he addresses us. His is the most mechanical “good afternoon sir” I have ever heard.

The rule is that when the driver comes to pick us up, he should come near the house and give a missed call. We are supposed to come and sit in the cab.

Start of the week, in Monday, it’s always a problem. Because you don’t know how many people are there in the pick up list and what time the cab would come and give a missed call.

But once you have been picked up, you know it very well about the pickup list and the timing of your cab. You get r…