what a tough choice this beta blogger is (for a layman). i tried to change the layout and now all my settings have gone haywire. my office computer is not allowing me to debug the errors and errors are not letting me to change the settings as i want.

in the process, some links have vanished. some bloglinks have clubbed with others into a totally different header. it's a pain.

i promise i will fix this this saturday going into a cafe. by then, those who cannot see their blog link here, please don't be angry (i mean don't delete my link from your esteemed blog).



Nautilus said…
Missed a whole bunch of your recent posts...will come back for it! But looks like you're out of your black and pink phase :-)
media concepts said…
Here Blogger says that New Blogger is "out of beta." As if.
20 box said…
learn basic html. can mail you pro templates for free.
Shuv said…
see? all this is because you had criticised my template change..
S said…
hehehehe...don't worry, i'm in a mess too...see, you have company!
Scout said…
you are useless! ;)
Vincent said…
My new boss asked me something during the week and I said I didn't know. "You are useless!" he said. He's a joker actually. So I said "Thanks for this. Please, please tell everyone else on the project how useless I am and then they will stop sending me so many change requests and other demands for immediate attention."

His quick response: "And you still expect to be paid?"

Sorry about your blog template, if I were not so suddenly out of spare time I would offer my useless help.
ghetufool said…
nautilus & media concept,
got you after so long!
ghetufool said…
20 box,
thanks a lot for your help buddy!!! but i don't know what to do with those templates. may be i will ask baba.
ghetufool said…
indeed indeed. now i know. if it was a medieval period, you would have certaily branded a witch and burned at the stakes.
ghetufool said…
did i ever disagreed?
ghetufool said…
thanks for that anecdote you are definitely not useless as me and please suggest ways whenever you are free.

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