Saturday, February 24, 2007


I am pissed off! Don’t play with my emotions darling; I can be a dangerous man. I was amiable, meek and sometimes allowed you to bully and cajole me. But, you should always remember you did whatever I allowed you to do…for my own entertainment. As a matter of fact, you neither had the intelligence or the cunningness to cheat me. I could see through whatever you were up to. Even a baby can. You have a fish brain.

And also, I always forgave you because I was soft on you. I had a strange kind of pity towards you. Just as a father has towards his kids! I knew you were foolish. And I was trying to defend you from this harsh world. I knew you were vulnerable. But you were sure of yourself. I couldn’t afford to leave you. It was a responsibility. A thankless one.

But that’s it. With your fish brain, if you think you can fool and cheat repeatedly and bully me to do things that I DON’T like, or DON’T want to do…then you are grossly mistaken.

I have tolerated enough of your crazy ideas. Tried to adjust, tried to mould myself…to attune to your cheap gimmicks. But in the secret corner of my heart I always repented for what I did to others. Couldn’t stare directly to the people whom I mistreated. The nasty wounds still didn’t heal. It hurts badly when suddenly I remember how ungrateful I was to my well-wishers and how roughly I handled them. I am almost robbed of my sleep remembering those incidents. ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU. Only to save our painful relationship!

Always a free bird and morally clean, you forced me to trudge in dirt. Tried to show me the world with your dirty eyes. ENOUGH. Nothing will do to ingratiate you to me again. After all these years, I confess, I never loved you. But I feared a break. Now I am afraid of any relationship. I have started to see girls as the agents of hell. Thanks to you, against my wish, I have turned into a misogynist. I HATE GIRLS.

Please don’t call me again. Don’t shed those crocodile tears. I know where from it is coming. Our relationship has ended five years now. You lost your chance. Don’t ever…ever try to reach me. You got what you always wanted. Now you are repenting.

I got what I never wanted. And I am rejoicing.


Yves said...

That's right, tell her! Keep free and morally clean.

Your sentiments echo those of Bob Dylan in Don't Think Twice, It's All Right except that in his song, he's not as bitter and certainly does not go as far as to be a misogynist.

kaushik said...

I envy you. Its a very interesting phase of your life. I have passed this age.

When you look back at these incidents 10 years down line they will seem as insignificant as you and me are in this vast galaxy.

So look up to the stars like we discussed and savour this brief spell on earth.

Shuv said...

waiting for a 'all-men-are-bastards' comment..

20 box said...

no, nope, i am not going to comment that...


better translation could be...


Ghetufool said...

i read the poem. it's really nice. thanks for the link.

yes, you are right. we and our problems are really insignificant.

i don't see that comment coming.

20 box,
i absolutely agree with you. why spare women and the third sex :-D

Scout said...

hmmm. we're all fucked up i guess.

Anonymous said...

you have played around with women's emotions for too long. it might be a game for you. but always remember sometime or the other you will get it back.

Ghetufool said...

who are we?

how i like fools like you.

Shuv said...

as the great rajnikant used to say..i lou this.