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I don’t know why, but of late, a strange kind of calmness has descended on my mind. I have started to look at the world from a different perspective. To my astonishment, today I spent at least ten minutes in front of the mirror appreciating my rather ugly face. Was hunting for the finer lines of beauty! Was posing like a cartoon a character and was wondering about the changes in me.

Thanks to my not so handsome disposition, I encounter the mirror only when I am forced to do it. For example, while shaving. I last paid so much attention to myself when I was in class twelve and was head-over-heels for a classmate. I knew I don’t stand a chance to her, especially when hunks like Pradipta and Arunabha are putting on efforts, but…I enjoyed fancying myself a knight in shining armour. Now that both Pradipta and Arunabha are hundreds of miles away from me, I must admit…I tried some cheap tricks to minimise their chance. At the end none of us was winner. My classmate flew with a pilot to U.S.!



Mother was here with me for ten days. Tomorrow she is going. I am a little sad. It’s true that I am not a kid anymore. In fact, after 3rd January I advanced one more year to my bohemian disposition. But don’t I want to return to my childhood once again? Isn’t it true that I behave irrationally when mother is around, almost half expecting her to box my ear or give me a cold look of disapproval? I was so shit scared of her iron rules when I was a little boy!

I found it quite amazing how she is now depending on me. When she was crossing the road, she was looking at me for my approval, even if the road was free of traffic. I had to finally hold her hand and walk with her. I felt pity for my poor mother. She is a typical Indian woman. She was good in studies, but had to marry according to her parent’s wish at eighteen and give up education to raise a family. I was the first borne. she was only nineteen and half.

Like all other, my first teacher was mother. She was a very demanding teacher. I…